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Elemental Impact

December 2015 Newsletter, Edition 45

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter

Ei closes the year with a bang! ACTION is the theme for the December newsletter and the year! A powerful November Annual Ei Partner meeting rounded out the year along with new initiatives and completed zero food waste journeys. Read the below newsletter to learn how Ei lives its tagline: Sustainability in ACTION!

Follow the Ei Blogs, The IMPACT and Zero Waste in ACTION, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.

2015 A Powerful Year for Ei

Ei Annual Partner Meeting

Annual Ei Partner Meeting 

On Thursday, November 19 Ei Partners, Friends, Strategic Allies and Advisory Council Members traveled from across the nation to attend the Annual Ei Partner Meeting. It was an amazing day packed with education, updates, camaraderie along with great food and wine.

At the meeting THREE new Ei Initiatives were announced: Airborne Kitchen Grease, Cooling Tower Blowdown and PetroWax-Free Cardboard Box. The IMPACT blog article, Ei 2015: A Year of ACTION, gives a recap of the meeting presentations and activities. The Ei FB album, 2015 Ei Annual Meeting, is a pictorial recap of the monumental day.

New Initiatives Announced

PetroWax-Free Cardboard Box Initiative

PetroWax Cardboard Box
For the food industry, petrowax-coated cardboard boxes for produce and protein are a contaminant in OCC (old corrugated cardboard) recycling and are a significant contributor to a foodservice operator | grocery store's waste hauling charges. 

Ei Industry Expert Chemol Company developed cost-effective coating alternatives derived from natural, sustainable raw materials.

The ZWA Blog article, Transport Packaging: shifting from trash to valuable material, gives an overview of the petrowax-coated cardboard box scenario, with a recap of Ei’s past work and future action plan.

Cooling Tower Blowdown Initiative

University Cooling Tower
In the commercial sector, cooling towers are prevalent in large facilities such as airports, office towers, hotels and power plants. The cooling towers use a tremendous volume of water and the “blowdown process” releases toxic chemical-laden water directly into the sewers.

The ZWA Blog article, Proactive Approach + Simple Solutions = BIG Toxic Chemical-Laden Water-Savings, provides background on the cooling tower water issue, introduces a cost-effective solution, and announces plans for the Ei Cooling Tower Blowdown Initiative. 

Airborne Kitchen Grease Initiative

Grease in ducts 
After Ei’s diligent work for nearly three years, the Ei Airborne Kitchen Grease Initiative (AKG), a proactive approach to a costly cooking by-product, is announced. The Ei AKG Initiative Action Plan flows in the following four stages:

Stage 1: Building the Foundation 
Stage 2: Developing the City-Wide AKG Template
Stage 3: National Expansion
Stage 4: Environmental Impact Research

The ZWA Blog article, Ei Airborne Kitchen Grease Initiative Announced, announces the Initiative, gives an AKG overview and showcases work documented to date.

SMAT – Hard at Work


The Sustainable Materials ACTION Team (SMAT), an Ei task force, was busy in 2015 educating, advising and sharing their industry expertise to pioneers forging new Recycling Refinement frontiers. 

When Industry Experts and Pioneers team together, the possible emerges from the impossible! The ZWA blog article, SMAT: the possible emerges from the impossible!, gives an overview of SMAT accomplishments and action.

Zero Food Waste Journey Successes


Ei Team
On October 11, the Ray C. Anderson Foundation hosted the third annual RayDay in a lovely Serenbe country meadow. Over 1400 guests celebrated Ray's legacy, learned at the plethora of educational booths and enjoyed excellent cuisine served by The Food Movement food trucks. Thank you Sue Anne Morgan of ideaLand, because of your sustainability commitment RayDay was a zero food waste event! 

The ZWA Blog article, Simple, easy, proven steps culminate in zero food waste successrecaps the RayDay zero food waste success with on-site composting; the Ei FB album, 2015 RayDay, is a pictorial recount of the journey.

Afternoon in the Country

On-site compost pile
Lessons learned from RayDay's success served as the foundation for Les Dames d’Escoffier International, Atlanta Chapter 15th Annual Afternoon in the Country's (AITC) zero food waste journey. Hosted at Serenbe in November, AITC is a more complicated event with 90 chefs serving food versus one caterer at RayDay...and then there was the rain and mud! 
The ZWA Blog article, Zero Food Waste Journeys: Successes, Challenges & Lessons Learned, recounts the AITC | RayDay journey while the Ei FB album, Afternoon in the Country, a zero food waste journey, is a pictorial recap of the pre-event planning along with the event day challenges and successes. 

RayDay and AITC zero food waste journeys are the topic of an Ei panel at the 24th Annual U.S. Composting Council Conference hosted in Jacksonville, FL on January 25 - 28.           

World Chefs

Kudos to the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) for developing a Sustainability for the Foodservice Industry Course. The course is ready for beta testing in early 2016. When finalized the course will be available to global culinary schools and potentially chef societies, such as the American Culinary Federation. 

The Ei SMAT crafted a 50+ page Waste | Recycling Curriculum PPT presentation, complete with photos | visuals, instructor notes, and a glossary of industry terms. The ZWA Blog article, Sustainability: a matter of thinking critically & solving problems in an adaptive manner, gives an overview of the Waste | Recycling Curriculum section.


Ei in the Media

National Geographic

Solar Panels
National Geographic Channel invited Ei to join a virtual discussion on the exciting progress in the field of alternative energy. The conversation ties into the episode, "Breakthrough: Energy on the Edge" on the National Geographic Channel. The discussion is centered on the question: “Do you think that by tapping into the new alternative energy sources we can reverse most of the damage we have done to our environment?” 

The ZWA Blog article, Alternative Energy: creating solutions or potential disasters?addresses the long-term implications of technologies developed within an "energy tunnel" without regard for their far-reaching implications. The IMPACT Blog article, Alternative Energy: embracing the creative spirit, provides the counterpoint with a focus on harnessing energy and discovering a mosaic of clean energy solutions.

Waste Dive & Environmental Leader 

Zero waste: An attainable goal? Q&A with Elemental Impact Founder Holly Elmore, an article by journalist Arlene Karidis was published in Waste Dive. Holly’s quote from the Waste Dive article, "As long as we view it as trash it will end up in the landfill. We must recognize it as valuable material.” is included in the Environmental Leader (EL) article, Zero Waste: Stop Throwing Money in the Trash. The EL features Ei Strategic Ally US Zero Waste Business Council.

USZWBC – Industry Resource

NZWBC Announcement

Stephanie & Gary 
The ZWA blog article, 2016 Zero Waste Conference: "Tuning in" to Zero Waste!, announces the Fifth Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference hosted in Austin, TX June 1 - 4, 2016. 

With the "Tuning in" to Zero Waste theme, the conference program showcases how zero waste companies and communities top the charts in dimensions beyond landfill diversion.

Pre and post-conference activities include the ZWBA Scorecard 101 Professional Training Course, Zero Waste 101 Workshop, Achieving Zero Waste at Colleges & Universities Workshop, and tours of local landmarks dedicated to zero waste.

Keys to Zero Waste Success

For those embarking on the zero waste journey, the path to success is well worn and filled with exceptional support. National organizations like the USZWBC mentor companies new to the journey with webinars, training sessions and conferences. The USZWBC Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference is a perfect venue to learn from industry veterans via the powerful program. 

The ZWA Blog article, Key steps to zero waste success, highlights the importance of collaboration, gives key steps to beginning a zero waste journey. 

SPC Advance Conference

EPA Grant Team
The sustainable packaging industry leaders converged on Charlotte in early October for GreenBlue’s SPC Advance Conference. 

In a panel moderated by Holly, Scaling Up Composting in North America: Presentation and Working Session, the SPC EPA Grant, Scaling Up Composting in Charlotte, NC was featured; a substantial discussion of food waste recovery options, challenges and successes followed.

The ZWA blog article, Sustainability: an industry defining itself, gives a conference overview while the Ei FB album, 10-15 GreenBlue's SPC Advance Conference, is an event pictorial recap.

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Ei Partner Program

Ei’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program. Through active participation, Ei Partners work with industry leaders on establishing sustainable business practice standards.

If you are interested in joining the close-knit Ei Partner program and ready to commit to active participation, contact Holly at 404-261-4690.

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Upcoming Events

24th U.S. Composting Conference and Tradeshow
January 25-28, 2016
Jacksonville, FL

The USCC hosts the 24th US Composting Council Conference & Tradeshow. Hear the latest from industry leaders about solving challenges in collecting organics, manufacturing and using compost, and producing renewable energy. 

BioCycle West Coast16 Conference 
April 4 - 7, 2016
San Diego, CA
BioCycle West Coast16 Advancing Organics Recycling, celebrates their 30th conference! BioCycle bring you successful organics management strategies — and so much more. Hot topics covered include: Food For People, Food For Soil, Compost Manufacturing And Marketing, Renewable Low Carbon Fuels And Energy, Permitting, Siting, Financing and Profitability. 

National Zero Waste Business Conference
June 1-4, 2016
Austin, TX
The USZWBC hosts the Annual National Zero Waste Business Conference. The conference will demonstrate how Zero Waste can be a key part of business climate change and sustainability plans by reducing greenhouse gases and increasing operating efficiencies. Experts from a diverse range of industries will share innovative ideas, practical tools and tips, and first-hand experience at creating value for their business through Zero Waste.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO,
Elemental Impact

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