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Elemental Impact

March 2014 Newsletter, Edition 37

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter
Opportunity and creative energy are themes for the March Newsletter! Ei collaborations abound and initiatives are launching. It is exciting to witness Ei's growing industry impact and global reach. Read the below newsletter to learn how Ei lives its tagline: Sustainability in ACTION!

Follow the Ei Blogs, The IMPACT and Zero Waste in ACTION, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.     

Atlanta Airport: Industry Leader  

Airport Magazine
Kudos to the Atlanta Airport (ATL) for taking an industry leadership role with a proactive approach to Airborne Kitchen Grease!

The American Association of Airport Executive’s Feb | Mar Airport Magazine publication includes the article, AIRBORNE KITCHEN GREASE: A New Frontier in Sustainability, A simple solution saves tremendous water use, labor and dollars, featuring ATL's proactive approach to airborne grease. The article was co-written by ATL director of sustainability and asset management, Michael Cheyne  and Ei founder Holly Elmore with Liza Milagro, ATL senior sustainability planner, and Jordan Salpietra of Ellis Fibre | GLF substantiating the ATL-specific estimates.

The ZWA Blog article, Atlanta Airport presents a proactive approach to Airborne Kitchen Grease, announces the monumental article.

Airborne Kitchen Grease Initiative Launches

Ei takes initial steps in a metro-wide Airborne Kitchen Grease (AKG) template with Atlanta serving as the pilot city. The template tagline is: a proactive approach to a costly cooking by-product. First steps fall into four categories: 1) Fire Safety, 2) Cost-Savings, 3) Metrics Platform and 4) Filter End-of-Life.

Ei's updated Airborne Kitchen Grease page documents template development, while t
he Ei FB a
lbum, Airborne Kitchen Grease, a costly cooking by-product, gives a pictorial initiative overview.

Zero Waste Conference: National Focus, Local Flavor 

2012 USZWBC Conference 
Ei Partners at CleanRiver booth
On May 7 & 8 the national zero waste community converges on Atlanta for the 2014 U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Conference. In alignment with the conference title, Creating Value Through Zero Waste, the program is designed to educate on the role zero waste plays in creating vibrant local economies and healthy bottom lines.

The ZWA Blog article, Zero Waste Conference: National in Focus, Local in Flavor, highlights notable presenters and previews an excellent conference program. Hang on to your hats Atlantans, a zero waste whirlwind is coming your way!

EPA's Food Recovery Challenge Opens to Hospitality Sector

EPA Food Recovery Challenge
 meeting at GWCC 

In 2011, the EPA introduced the Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) as a response to the incredible volume of food waste and wasted food destined for landfills. This year EPA's Region IV, launches the FRC in the hospitality sector. 

With strong connections to foodservice industry leaders who relish the pioneer role, Ei works closely with the EPA on the Southeast FRC launch. Ei's role is introductory in nature; the EPA works directly with potential participants on enrollment.

The ZWA blog articleEPA Food Recovery Challenge: Region IV launches FRC in hospitality sector is a recap of Atlanta's food waste heroes and introduces the FRC. The Ei FB album, EPA Food Recovery Challenge, features pictures of the introductory meetings.


Ei Produces First Video

Scott Seydel (Ei) Filming
Preston Fletcher (FP)

With Ei Partners in Atlanta for the Annual Ei Partner Meeting, the Metro-Wide Plastic Film Recycling Template team met at FreshPoint's Atlanta distribution center the following morning for interviews and filming. Ei Chair Scott Seydel filmed | edited the video while Ei founder Holly Elmore served as the producer.

The video, Elemental Impact Plastic Film Recycling Pilot at FreshPoint Atlanta, is key to documenting the Metro-Wide Plastic Film Recycling Template development where Atlanta serves as the pilot city. The ZWA Blog article, Plastic Film Recycling Template Video Published, details the exciting milestone.


ZWA & IMPACT Blogs - Global Reach

The combined readership of the two Ei Blogs, Zero Waste in Action & The IMPACT, approaches the coveted 200,000 pageviews milestone! Validating the ZWA Blog as a powerful industry voice, Ei serves as media sponsor for prominent industry conferences via published blog articles along with supporting Ei FB albums.

The IMPACT Blog article, Ei Blogs Attract Strong Global Readership, showcases the growth, prominence and reach of the Ei Blogs and cyberspace network.   

Ei Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary!

Holly in her element
Photo credit: Scott Seydel
On February 5th Ei celebrated our four-year anniversary and enters into Year Five of living the tagline, Sustainability in ACTION! Year Three ended with the National Restaurant Association's purchase of the Zero Waste Zones, thrusting Ei into a metamorphosis filled with possibilities and opportunities for most of Year Four.  

The IMPACT Blog article, Happy Birthday Ei: A Year in Review, gives an overview of current Platforms, Initiatives and SFCI pilots - a busy year indeed! 

Mark Your Calendars - Dates are Set!

The Ei Partner Tours are set for June 9 & 10, 2014. Pratt Industries and Novelis co-host tours at their facilities in Conyers and Greensboro, respectively.

Keeping with tradition, the Annual Ei Partner Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 20, 2014, the week before Thanksgiving. 

An Ei Partner Program benefit, meetings and tours are excellent vehicles for partners to explore their synergies and potential business relationships.

Thank You New & Renewing Members!

Ei Part
ner Program

Ei’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program. Through active participation, Ei Partners work with industry leaders on establishing sustainable business practice standards.

If you are interested in joining the close-knit Ei Partner program and ready to commit to active participation, contact Holly at 404-261-4690.

Ei is the hub of an influential network and invites YOU to join:

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Upcoming Events

BioCycle West
April 7-10, 2014
San Diego, CA

The BioCycle West Conference, where participants get the latest on technologies, case studies and practices to turn municipal, commercial, agricultural and industrial organic waste streams into power, renewable natural gas, vehicle fuels and high-value digestate and compost products.

US Zero Waste Business Council Conference
May 7 & 8, 2014
Atlanta, GA

Zero Waste Businesses are leading the way and have diverted over 90% of their waste from landfill and incineration. The USZWBC conference will demonstrate how Zero Waste can be a key part of business climate change and sustainability plans and help contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and increased operating efficiencies.  

NRA Show
May 17-20, 2014
Chicago, IL

Every year, over the course of four days, more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry. Experience the energy and inspiration of the NRA Show

SPCL's Inaugural Annual Meeting
May 20-21, 2014
Washington, DC
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council's (SPLC) first annual meeting provides an opportunity to learn best practices, share knowledge, and collaborate on the development of SPLC’s guidance programs and build professional relationships. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Melissa Selem, Ph.D. 

Program Administrator
Elemental Impact

ZWA Blog