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Elemental Impact

October 2013 Newsletter, Edition 35

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter
Invigorating was the Ei theme for September and October. The Ei Team was BUSY launching new platforms | template pilots, touring facilities, joining a grant team and building a strong foundation for the 2014 U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Conference. Read the below newsletter to learn how Ei lives its tagline: Sustainability in ACTION!

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste in ACTION Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.     

Recycling Refinement Platform Launches

 Plastic Film Bale
Ei is committed to creating operating practices where integrity is maintained throughout the entire value chain, including material producers, users and destinations at disposal time. Diverting valuable material from landfills and back into the production process is the core of Ei’s foundation and expertise.
The ZWA Blog post, Recycling Refinement: moving beyond landfill diversion, launches Ei’s new platform. At the core of the Recycling Refinement platform is moving beyond a landfill diversion focus to maximizing material value. The entire supply chain must work in unison to create systems grounded in solid business sense and bottom line improvement.

Plastic Film Recycling Template

 Plastic Film in Mini-Baler
A ripened fruit in the proverbial "low hanging fruit tree" is plastic film recycling. Considered a contaminant in single-stream recycling systems, plastic film is landfill destined in most commercial operations, especially at small to moderate generators. Most large generators source-separate their operating by-products, including plastic film, for sale within the commodity markets. 
The Ei Team is developing a city-wide plastic film recycling template designed for duplication in metro areas across the nation. In addition, the flexible template may expand to other materials.

The ZWA post, If it was easy, it would already be done!documents the inherent challenges in creating a city-wide recycling template along with action taken.

Winning Recycling Seasons

  Falcons Tailgate Recycling Dumpsters
As the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Event Venue Pilot, the Georgia Dome is committed to the teamwork necessary for winning recycling seasons at facility games and events. At the first Falcons home game, Georgia World Congress Center Authority sustainability director Tim Trefzer hosted a front and back-of-the-house GA Dome recycling tour for Ei and the new Falcons stadium architects.

Strong zero waste practices are in-place at the GA Dome from their role as a founding Zero Waste Zones Participant. The ZWA Blog Post, Winning Recycling Seasons: Team Work Required!
documents the strong zero waste foundation in place. The Ei FB album, 09-15-13 Falcons Recycling Tour, gives a tour pictorial recap

Prisons: A Valuable Recycling Resource

Closed TN State Prison
Prison systems are an opportunity to create powerful private | public partnerships where ALL benefit. In September, a group of Ei Partners, Supporters and pals converged on TN to tour prison operations and explore synergies | opportunities. 

The ZWA Post, Prisons: Valuable Resource for Recycling Refinement Systems?!, gives the tour details and showcases the prison system as a potentially valuable resource for Recycling Refinement. The Ei FB album 09-13 TRICOR TN Prison Tours, is a tour pictorial overview.


Foundation for USZWBC Conference Success

Stephanie Barger & Suzanne Burnes
As a conference partner | media sponsor, Ei works closely with U.S. Zero Waste Business Council executive director Stephanie Barger and the Conference Planning Committee. Stephanie visited Atlanta for a whirlwind of introductory meetings orchestrated by Ei. It was a fun, powerful two plus days packed with back-to-back meetings, many at Atlanta's amazing dining destinations.

With early planning, the 2014 USZWBC Conference is staged for tremendous success with the conference participants, Atlanta and the zero waste industry benefiting. The ZWA Blog post, Creating Value through Zero-Wastegives the details of the Atlanta visit, while the Ei FB album, 09-13 USZWBC ATL Visit, provides a visual recap.

Ei Joins SPC EPA Grant Team 

 Anne Bedarf & Holly Elmore
It's official: The Sustainable Packaging Coalition, a project of GreenBlue, is the recipient of a U.S. EPA Region IV grant to scale up composting in the Charlotte, NC area! Ei is honored and thrilled to join the SPC grant team.

The grant is an excellent opportunity for public | private partnership with government (federal, state, & local), non-profits, educational institutions and private enterprise to work in unison on common ground. The ZWA post, Scaling up composting in Charlotte, NC, outlines the grant goals, objectives and tasks as well as Ei's long-standing work history in the Charlotte area. 

Ei Partner Program

Ei’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program. Through active participation, Ei Partners work with industry leaders on establishing sustainable business practice standards.

If you are interested in joining the close-knit Ei Partner program and ready to commit to active participation, contact Holly at 404-261-4690.

Ei is the hub of an influential network and invites YOU to join:

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Upcoming Events

NCSU's 14th Vermiculture Conference 
North Carolina State University 
October 26 – 27, 2013
Raleigh, NC

NCSU's 14th Vermiculture Conference provides the tools needed to start or expand an earthworm and vermicompost production operation. Focus areas include: the latest research on the effects of vermicompost and extracts (tea) on plant growth and disease suppression, how growers are effectively marketing earthworms and vermicompost, and the different technologies being utilized. 

Essentials of Sustainable Packaging
Sustainable Packaging Coalition
November 12, 2013
Oakland, CA

The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging offers a comprehensive introduction to sustainability considerations that apply to the entire packaging life cycle: material sourcing, packaging design, manufacturing, transport, and recovery/disposal. 
Packaging professionals and corporate sustainability decision-makers will learn about the sustainability essentials for packaging and the strategies needed to create packaging that is beneficial for people and planet. 

Compost: Nature’s Way to Grow!
US Composting Council
January 26 - 29, 2014
Oakland, CA

The US Composting Council’s 22nd Annual Conference is the largest conference and exhibition in North America for the composting, wood waste, and organics recycling industry. Hear industry leaders discuss meeting today’s challenges in composting, compost use and renewable energy from organics. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Substainable Food Court Initiative

ZWA Blog