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Elemental Impact

January 2014 Newsletter, Edition 36

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter
The end of 2013 was a whirlwind of Ei action!
Ei orchestrated two major events, was honored for important work accomplished, gained momentum in Ei platforms, and welcomed new partners! Read the below newsletter to learn how Ei lives its tagline: Sustainability in ACTION!

Follow the Ei Blogs, The IMPACT and Zero Waste in ACTION, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.     

Ei Partner Meeting ~ Success! 

 Holly Elmore, Ei founder 
Melissa Selem, program administrator
In late November, Ei Partners, Friends, Strategic Allies and Advisory Council Members traveled from across the nation to attend the Annual Ei Partner Meeting. It was a successful day filled with education, updates and camaraderie, along with great food and wine! 

The IMPACT Blog article, Another Year, Another Annual Ei Partner Meeting, gives an overview of the day, while the Ei FB album, 11-21-13 Annual Ei Partner Meeting is a pictorial recap. Visit the Ei Meeting & Events page for participant details and Powerpoint presentations.

Ei Orchestrates Powerful F&B Packaging Meeting 

Sustainable F&B Packaging Group
In December Ei hosts the 3rd Annual Sustainable Food & Beverage Packaging Value Chain Meeting.

The powerful meeting brings together industry leaders from trade associations, institutions and non-profits in the F&B packaging value chain. Discussions center around the challenges | barriers to sustainable packaging. 

The ZWA Blog article, Tackling the Challenges | Barriers to Sustainable Packaging gives participant and meeting details, and the Ei FB album, 2013 Annual F&B Packaging Value Chain Meeting provides the accompanying pictures. 

The Journey Begins ~ Plastic Film Recycling Pilot 

Orwak Baler

The Ei Team is developing a city-wide plastic film recovery template with Atlanta serving as the pilot city. FreshPoint (FP), the nation's largest produce distributor, stepped forward as the lead Pioneer in the pilot. A first action step was installing an Orwak mini baler at FP's Atlanta distribution center to bale the film generated in their operations. 

The Ei Plastic Film Recovery Pilot @ FreshPoint video gives an overview of the pilot along with steps taken to create new operational practices for baling film. The ZWA blog articlePlastic Film Recycling: A New Frontierdocuments the template creation to date, and the Ei FB album, Plastic Film Recycling: building a city-wide network, gives the pictorial overview.

Ei Founder Inducted into Honorary Society!

Ei founder Holly Elmore was inducted into Lambda Alpha International (LAI), the Honorary Society for the Advancement of Land Economics, in recognition of a successful career implementing sustainable best practices in the foodservice industry. Ei intends to educate LAI members on the important role food waste collection for compost plays in land economics. 

The ZWA Blog article, Lambda Alpha International Atlanta Chapter: growing membership, influence & impact provides a brief history | introduction to the organization and features the most recent inductees. 

Register for USZWBC Conference in Atlanta!  

As a conference partner | media sponsor, Ei works closely with US Zero Waste Business Council executive director Stephanie Barger and the Conference Planning Committee. Atlanta is the host city for the important conference on May 7th & 8th. Register by the end of February and use the Ei Promo code: nzwbc14ei for a discount.

The ZWA Blog article, Creating Value through Zero Waste, documents the early planning in preparation for a successful conference; Atlanta: Host City for the 2014 U.S. Zero Waste Business Council Conference, introduces Atlanta as an ideal host city along with an USZWBC overview.

Airborne Kitchen Grease ~ A Sustainability Frontier 

Installed Grease Lock Filter

In alignment with one of Ei’s mantras:  Ei determines what could be done that is not being done and gets it done, an Ei Water Use | Toxicity Platform focus is on Airborne Kitchen Grease (AKG). The Grease Lock Filter (GLF) System is a proactive approach to AKG maintenance. 

For details on the GLF system, visit the ZWA Blog article, GREASE: a new frontier filled with economic & environmental promiseThe ZWA Blog article, Airborne Kitchen Grease: a simple solution to a costly kitchen by-product, documents the initial steps in a city-wide AKG initiative. 

Recycling Refinement at the Georgia Dome

 Dome Pickers
Working with the SFCI Team, the GA Dome is exploring avenues to refine existing practices that increase recycling rates and maximize material value generated at events. Post game, an Ei crew donned the blue gloves and "picked the bowl" for post-consumer food waste | packaging. Many valuable insights were gained in the before, during and after game tours.

The ZWA Blog article, Refining Recycling Practices at the GA Dome, is an overview of the game day activities plus the subsequent food waste | packaging delivery to the composting facility. For a pictorial recap, visit the Ei FB album,
 Refining Falcons Recycling Programs.

Ode to Ei Partners, Supporters & Strategic Allies

Mary (Pratt), Chris (BASF), Amy (HIS) 
Active participation is key to Ei's success!

Whether an Ei Partner, Supporter or Strategic Ally, organizations align with Ei to take an active role in evolving sustainable practices into best business practices that improve the bottom line. 

The IMPACT Blog article, Active Participation Maximizes Impact, welcomes new partners and strategic allies and recognizes renewing partners. 

Ei Partner Program

Ei’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program. Through active participation, Ei Partners work with industry leaders on establishing sustainable business practice standards.

If you are interested in joining the close-knit Ei Partner program and ready to commit to active participation, contact Holly at 404-261-4690.

Ei is the hub of an influential network and invites YOU to join:

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Upcoming Events

2014 Plastics Recycling Conference
March 11-12, 2014
Orlando, FL

The Plastics Recycling Conference 2014 gives the latest industry information. Speakers will present extensive industry assessments, including analyses of trends in the U.S. and Canada, plastics collection issues, recycling market factors and legislative and policy considerations. The conference is an excellent opportunity to network with clients, prospective partners, colleagues, vendors and industry leaders all in one location.

Sustainable Packaging Coalition Spring Conference 2014
March 25-27, 2014
Seattle, WA

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition Spring Conference provides education on current issues and an opportunity to meet with other packaging industry executives focused on the sustainability issues around packaging. Special features include tours and a stellar line up of speakers.

The Carolina Recycling Association’s 24th Annual Conference and Trade Show 
March 31-April 3, 2014 
Asheville, NC

The theme for the Carolina Recycling Association's Conference is Zeroing in on Waste Reduction. Feature topics include innovative recovery strategies and opportunities. New to the conference is the inaugural Manufacturers Zero Waste Conference, which provides a unique opportunity for companies pursuing "Zero Waste to Landfill" to learn and share techniques on how to reach their goals. 

US Zero Waste Business Council Conference
May 7 & 8, 2014
Atlanta, GA

Zero Waste Businesses are leading the way and have diverted over 90% of their waste from landfill and incineration. The USZWBC conference will demonstrate how Zero Waste can be a key part of business climate change and sustainability plans and help contribute to reducing greenhouse gases and increased operating efficiencies. 
Ei Promo Code: nzwbc14ei  Expires: February 28, 2014

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Sustainable Food Court Initiative

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