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Elemental Impact

March 2013 Newsletter, Edition 32

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter
March was an amazing month for Ei filled with milestones, achievements, and tours. It is an honor to witness Ei’s strong industry leadership role ground within the WE Consciousness – see the ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport, where the WE Consciousness is introduced. Read the newsletter to learn the details of how Ei lives its tagline:  Sustainability in ACTION!

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste in ACTION Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey. 

Ei: A Powerful Industry Voice

On April 02 The IMPACT Blog surpassed the 25,000 pageviews milestone - an amazing accomplishment, considering the limited number of posts.  With its sister blog Zero Waste in ACTION at 81,000+ pageviews, Ei achieved a 100,000+ cyberspace reach.

In celebration of the milestone, The IMPACT Blog post, A Powerful Cyberspace Voice: A Creation Guide, is an overview of how to build a voice in the ever evolving cyberspace world.  A favorite from the post: Rule #6: be a renegade, share your passion and let go of what others say "should or should not be done.”

Ei is the hub of an influential network and invites YOU to join:
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Ei’s First Published Article

Understanding the supply chain's imperative role for zero waste success, Inside Supply Chain Management published The Journey to a Zero-Waste Supply Chain in their March issue Sustainability Column. Written by Ei founder Holly Elmore, the article is introductory in nature with an overview of zero waste including the all-important WE Consciousness. The first Ei article published in a national magazine is an important milestone in the cyberspace network creation.

The ZWA Blog post, Supply Chain’s Critical Role in Zero Waste Success, is an article overview and beyond.  Note there is not an on-line article link.  Visit the Ei Media page for a downloadable article pdf.

Charlotte Ei Partner Tours

Bruce Buchan (CleanRiver) &
Ray Soporowski (Concord Mills
In early March, Ei Partners converged on Charlotte, NC for the third Ei Partner Tours. Hosted by HMSHost and Simon Property Group, Concord Mills was the destination for DAY 1, filled with presentations and tours. Concord Mills, a Simon mall, is the Sustainable Food Court Shopping Mall Pilot with the food court operated by HMSHost.

The IMPACT Blog post, Charlotte Ei Partner Tours, gives a tours overview while the ZWA Blog post, Bring the Possible Out of Impossible, dives into zero waste successes. For pictorial recaps of the powerful two days visit the Ei FB albums: 03-04-13 Charlotte Ei Partner Tours - Day One & 03-05-13 Charlotte Ei Partner Tours - Day Two

In addition to HMSHost and Concord Mills, CleanRiver Recycling Solutions, EcoLogic Solutions, Tomra | Orwak and Ellis Fibre | Grease Lock gave impressive presentations.  PPT presentations along with the tours agenda and participants list are available as downloads on the Ei Partner Tours page.

March Tour Marathon

 Ei Chair Scott Seydel @ Pratt MRF
At the foundation of Elemental Impact's tagline Sustainability in ACTION is integrity.  Ei Partners are committed to working as a team to develop flexible programs and practices that evolve along with shifts in technology, circumstances and economic parameters. Education is essential to weave integrity within program|practice development.

Tours are excellent vehicles to learn first-hand about industry practices and fellow partner business expertise. Ei hosts industry and partner tours designed for experiential education, strategic planning and bonding among the Ei Team. Tour participation is open to Ei Partners, Strategic Allies and Advisory Council Members.

March was full of amazing tours beginning with the powerful Charlotte Ei Partner Tours. As the month closed Ei embarked on a series of metro-Atlanta educational tours focused on existing operations and exploring innovative technology.  The ZWA Blog post, “Seeing is Believing” – the magic of tours, is an overview of the Pratt MRF, Wilbros Organic Recovery & Biofuels and GenAgain tours.  For tour pictorial recaps, visit the Ei FB albums, 03-25-13 Pratt MRF Tour and  03-29-13 Wilbros Organic Recovery & Biofuels Tour.

Ei Milestones

Ei is paving a pathway to the new paradigm!  In 2010, Ei moved from a concept to a national 501(c)(3) non-profit where ACTION is standard operating practice. The Ei site Milestone Page chronicles the milestone events, players and ACTION that makes the vision a reality.

Power of the Voice

Zero waste is on the verge of mainstream acceptance due to the prominent success stories of impressive landfill diversion supported by significant bottom improvements. Upfront investment in equipment purchases, standard operating practices evolution, signage and training often results in a quick ROI - return on investment.

 ... and now the naysayers, those eager to criticize success with one-sided perspectives, are coming forth.  A prime example is a November Waste & Recycling News editorial that attacked The Ohio State University's phenomenal 98.2% diversion rate at the November 3, 2012 game. In the November 26 Zero waste can have high costs editorial, WRN questions whether OSU overachieved with the high rate. "Let's not divert common sense too" was a comment in the editorial.

Scott Lutocka, Piazza Produce facility manager, used his eloquent, experienced voice to throw penalty flags on the WRN editorial in his rebuttal, OSU should be lauded for its efforts. Kudos to WRN for publishing Scott's rebuttal. To learn more about how to empower unwarranted criticism with a positive outcome where all win, read the ZWA Blog post, Power of the Voice.

Ei Partner Program

Elemental Impact’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program.  Through active participation, Ei Partners work with industry leaders on establishing sustainable business practices as standard operating practices.

If you are interested in joining the close-knit Ei Partner program and ready for active participation, contact Holly at 404-261-4690.

Upcoming Events

Workshop: Food Recovery & Recycling
April 8, 2013
San Diego, California

Biocycle is collaborating with the US EPA Region 9 on the pre-conference workshop: Food Recovery & Recycling. Topics include: Source reduction tools for food service industry; food donation myths and methods; and communication and implementation.

The Green Sports Alliance
April 17, 2013 1:00pm EST

All About Composting: A roundtable discussion on implementing and optimizing composting programs at sports facilities. From grass clippings and other landscaping waste to post-consumer food waste and compostable service ware, composting presents a broad range of opportunities for sports venues to reduce landfill waste, save money, and shrink their carbon footprint.

Biopolymers Symposium
June 11-12, 2013
Chicago, IL

Smithers Rapra is pleased to announce that NatureWorks, Metabolix, Virent, First Green Partners, the National Restaurant Association and Green Dot Holdings headline the agenda for the 8th annual Biopolymers Symposium. Biopolymers 2013, which will take place at Chicago’s world-renowned Field Museum, will cover the use of biopolymers in compostable food service ware; rigid and flexible biopolymer packaging and single use applications; sustainable feedstocks; innovations in materials; strategic partnerships to commercialize new products and much more.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Substainable Food Court Initiative

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