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Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter
January 31, 2011 Newsletter ~ Edition 09

In 2010 Ei focused on building a solid foundation and 2011 is dedicated to ACTION!  Read below to learn how January activities set the stage for a thrilling year. The Ei Team invites you to join our efforts in whatever capacity makes sense for you: a ZWZ Participant, an Ei Sponsor, a ZWZ Ambassador or other avenues available to contribute and make a difference in business operating practices.  

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.

NRA Board Meeting

The National Restaurant Association invited Ei Founder & CEO Holly Elmore to speak to their Sustainability & Social Responsibility Committee at the winter Board of Directors meeting held in Palm Springs.  With Sustainability & Social Responsibility one of the NRA’s four cornerstones, a strong collaboration with Ei/ZWZ/NRA makes sense and the stage is set to move forward.

Visit the Speaking Engagements page for the PPT presentation on ZWZ: Mobilizing an Industry and click here for the THE IMPACT Blog post, ZWZ Impact Goes National.

City of Atlanta Joins the ZWZ!

YEA ~ in January the City of Atlanta (COA) officially joined the Zero Waste Zone program as a Sapling Participant!  The game plan is to develop a phase-in strategy of the ZWZ Criteria  at the City Hall foodservice operations and then extend zero waste practices to the entire complex. 

Thank you to Mandy Mahoney, COA Director of Sustainability, for your commitment to bringing zero waste initiatives to our grand City.  Under Mandy’s helm, the COA is working with the Institute for Local Self-Reliance on a zero waste plan for Atlanta, including corporate and residential programs.  Stay tuned as the story is just beginning to unfold with Atlanta blossoming into her Truth as a Pioneer City in Sustainability.

Click here for the blog post on the COA ZWZ Participation.

ZWZ ~ Ask the Experts

Zero Waste Zones success is due to collaboration with government, non-profits, trade/business associations and private enterprise.  Several ZWZ partners came forth to answer questions and provide expert information pertaining to the ZWZ Criteria  Thank you to the Sustainability Division of the GA Department of Natural Resources, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Second Helpings for your unwavering ZWZ support.

Visit the ZWZ~Ask the Experts page for their contact information under their field of expertise.


The At
lanta Zero Waste Zones are a vital force to enticing corporate business to metro Atlanta, whether conventions, meetings, conferences or corporate headquarters.  The time is NOW to join the ZWZ program and show the nation Atlanta is a Pioneer City in Sustainability.  In late February, the ZWZ Team plans to celebrate the ZWZ Two-Year Anniversary with a press conference.  Together let’s substantiate a phenomenal program and let Atlanta shine her true colors of integrity.

Click here to learn more about the ZWZ Program and here to apply for ZWZ Participat
ion or Supplier status.  Go the National ZWZ Directories to view the pioneers leading the charge in zero waste initiatives.

Compost, The Quiet Hero:  An Encore

Compost, the Quiet Hero returns to the 2011 National Restaurant Association Show for an encore performance on THE HOW.  In 2010 our Hero made his debut performance at the NRA Show via his spokesperson, Holly Elmore, on THE WHY of organics collection for composting.  Visit the Speaking Engagement page to download the 2010 PPT presentation.

In 2011, our Hero is joined by the Chris Trio, including Chris Moyer of the National Restaurant Association Conservation Program, Chris Newman with the U.S. EPA Region V and Executive  Chef Chris Koetke with Kendall College, School of Culinary Arts.

When the date/time is set, it will be listed on the Ei home page and a blog post written.

POWER Meeting heads West

Thanks to the U.S. Composting Council’s hospitality, the January 24 POWER – Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling – meeting was held in conjunction with the USCC pre-conference sessions.  The inaugural venture outside of Atlanta validates the national importance of exploring the highest good options for food residuals within varying economic climates.  Click here to view the meeting agenda, presenter PPT presentations and attendees and here for the ZWZ Blog post on the meeting.

Click here to learn more about POWER along with information on prior meetings.   Contact Holly to be included on the distribution list.

GWCCA Walks the Talk

In late December, th
e GA World Congress Center Authority (GWCCA) made a statement with the hiring Tim Trefzer as the campus’ first sustainability coordinator for their facilities.  As the anchor for Atlanta’s convention business, the GWCCA (GA World Congress Center, GA Dome & Centennial Olympic Park) sets the tone of Atlanta’s sustainable message for the City’s hospitality community.  A pioneer, the GWCCA was a ZWZ-Downtown Atlanta Founding Participant and hosted the ZWZ launch press conference on February 10. 2009.  Click here for the ZWZ Blog post GWCCA Walks Their Talk for more details.

GWCCA’s commitment goes beyond zero waste.  Earlier this month the GA World Congress Center was awarded a $2.3 million dollar grant to retrofit the facility’s lighting fixtures.  The funds will be used to replace nearly 1,500 lighting fixtures in the GWCC's 12 exhibition halls and 3.9 million square foot facility.  With an annual power bill of more than $4 million, the potential savings is tremendous both in usage and dollars, the other green.  Click here for the IMPACT Blog post GWCC: Rolling in the GREEN

Arthur Potts Dawson:  THE IMPACTOR for January 

Arthur Potts Dawson is a visionary committed to ACTION in t
he foodservice industry.  At his two London restaurants, Acorn House and Waterhouse, Arthur takes sustainability to new dimensions, using innovative energy sources, rebuilt equipment, customized portion ordering by customers to name a few areas of impact.

Noting that for every calorie co
nsumed it takes 10 calories to produce the food, Arthur has a strong emphasis on minimizing waste.  A realist, Arthur understands with the current urban infrastructure and packaging available zero waste is a goal; hopefully, a destination in the near future.

Ei named Arthur the January, 2011 IMPACTOR of the month for his determination and commitment to change the foodservice industry’s standard operating procedures.  View his TED, Ideas worth spreading, recent video A Vision for Sustainable Restaurants.  In the video Arthur explains how he addresses each of his five waste categories: time, space, energy and waste.  With his British wit Arthur gives some personal antidotes from his journey, including a accidental worm mass murder incident.

Visit The IMPACTOR page to learn more about Arthur Potts Daw
son’s vision along with details of his accomplishments.  Additional interesting details are chronicled on the The IMPACT blog post, Arthur Potts Dawson, A Committed Visionary.

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