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August, 2011 Newsletter ~ Edition 16

Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter

BUSY described Ei’s August! Read below to learn about travel, meetings, tours, ZWZ Participant endeavors and other activities. The Ei Team invites you to join the ACTION (and fun!) in the capacity that makes sense for you: a ZWZ Participant, an Ei Sponsor, a ZWZ Ambassador or other avenues available to contribute and make a difference in business operating practices.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey. Note the ZWZ Blog is closing in on 20,000 page views with a global audience – stay tuned for the celebration!

Ei Travels to Washington D.C.

The week of August 08 Scott Seydel, Ei’s Advisory Council Chair, and Holly Elmore, ZWZ Director and Ei Founder, traveled to Washington D.C. for a multiple-day meeting marathon. Chris Moyer, National Restaurant Association Conserve Program Manager, joined most of the meetings and offered the NRA offices as home base. Visit the ZWZ Blog post, NRA|Ei Meeting Marathon, for an overview of the meetings and fertile seeds planted for projects, collaborations and new initiatives. The Ei FB album, 08-11 Ei Washington D.C. trip – a Meeting Marathon!, gives a pictorial recap.

ATL ZWZ Team Hosts SC Hospitality Tour

The South Carolina Hospitality Association (SCHA) brought a contingent of Board members, business association executives and City of Columbia staff and councilman to Atlanta on August 16 & 17 for a ZWZ tour.

Sue Hensley, NRA Sr. VP Public Affairs Communications, joined the tour in preparation for ZWZ national expansion plans.

Southern hospitality was evident as ZWZ Participants Hyatt Regency, Ecco, Buckhead Diner & Affairs to Remember welcomed their SC neighbors with open educating arms. Visit the ZWZ Blog post, ATL Zero Waste Team Hosts SC Hospitality Tour, for the tour highlights. The Ei FB album, 08-11 SCHA ATL ZWZ Tour, gives a pictorial recap.

Ray Anderson Lives through his Legacy

On August 08 Ray Anderson, Interface founder, left a legacy filled with inspiration and promise when he passed through the physical veils. An uncompromising hero, Ray inspired his carpet manufacturing company to accomplish what seemed impossible back in 1994: reduce energy consumption, eliminate landfill destined material, and decrease Green House Gas emissions ALL within a solid, profitable business model.

Ray proved "good business" and environmental stewardship are one in the same. Without him here to personally advocate the message, it is imperative to honor Ray's legacy by following his lead. See ZWZ Blog post, Ray Anderson: A Legacy Beyond Description, for Ei’s tribute to Ray.

ZWZ Participants Go Beyond Zero Waste

ZWZ Participants are astute business professionals whose sustainable operating practices make solid business sense and extend well beyond zero waste initiatives. It is inspiring to hear the tales from their journey of creating new operating standards for the corporate community.

Committed to re-energizing their facility and image, the Sheraton Downtown Atlanta is the first Atlanta hotel to offer electric vehicle charging to their guests. Read the IMPACT Blog post, Sheraton Atlanta POWERS New Energy & Identity, for info on the charging stations along with details of other enhancements to their environmental commitment.

Founding ZWZ Participant Georgia World Congress Center (the first to say YES !) hits an impressive recycling stride in 2011 that goes well beyond the common items. Read the ZWZ Blog post, GWCC Hits Recycling Stride, to learn how their extra efforts are benefiting local schools and organizations with donation of unused convention supplies.

For an overview of ZWZ Participant sustainable initiatives, read the ZWZ Blog post, ZWZ Participants Do More than Avoid Landfills – get inspired to makes changes in your business practices and personal life.

Kudos to Atlanta!

In a recent mattermore blog post, Atlanta Gets Kudas as a Zero Waste City, author Sebrina Zerkus Smith cheers Atlanta for creating the ZWZ in 2009 and ties ZWZ to Mayor Reed's goal of making Atlanta a top ten sustainability city by 2020.

With many of her facts from the 2009 ZWZ launch press information, the blog post signifies the important role ZWZ plays in Atlanta's perceived green image and actual sustainability rankings.

With sustainability a major component to business decisions for corporate headquarter, convention and major sporting & entertainment event locations, the ZWZ program sends an impressive message supported by solid metrics to the business community and the media.

See the ZWZ Blog post, Kudos to Atlanta!, for a preview on a major November ZWZ announcement. 


The Atlanta Zero Waste Zones are a vital force to enticing corporate business to metro Atlanta, whether conventions, meetings, conferences or corporate headquarters. The time is NOW to join the ZWZ program and show the nation Atlanta is a Pioneer City in Sustainability. Together let’s substantiate a phenomenal program and let Atlanta shine her true colors of integrity.

Click here to learn more about the ZWZ Program and here to apply for ZWZ Participation or Supplier status. Go the National ZWZ Directories to view the pioneers leading the charge in zero waste initiatives.

GRC 20th Annual Conference

The Georgia Recycling Coalition celebrated their 20th Anniversary Conference at the King & Prince on St. Simon's Island with a stellar program. Life in the RE-World - REuse, REclaim, REcover, REduce, REthink, RECYCLE - was the theme at the well attended conference.

Read the ZWZ Blog Post, Life in the RE-World: A 20 Year Celebration, for a conference overview. The Ei FB album, 08-22-11 GA Recycling Coalition Conference, gives a pictorial recap.

Ei Expanding into Health Impact

In July Susan Grider Montgomery, ZWZ Program Director, presented and facilitated a discussion on "Going Local in Food/Energy/Health: Methods, Measures and Strategies" at the 2011 Society for Values in Higher Education Conference hosted by Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, IL. One of the conferences focus areas was Planning and Sustainability.

It is an honor for Elemental Impact to join Susan's journey of embracing the importance of health economics and the health impact of our choices. This fall Ei Consulting plans to announce the addition of health economics and impact to the list of offered services.

The IMPACT Blog post, Ei Expanding Horizons into Health Impact, gives details on the conference and the discussion outcomes.

October 06 POWER Registration Open

The fall POWER – Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling – meeting is Thursday, October 06 12:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. in Atlanta. The agenda will be published in a few weeks. Click HERE to register for the limited seats available. Please e-mail Holly to be included in the POWER distribution list for POWERful updates, meeting notices and other pertinent information. Visit the POWER page to learn more about the industry working group along with past meeting notes and PPT presentations.

Support Elemental Impact

Elemental Impact is a non-profit whose work is funded through the supporter and sponsorship programs. Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and sponsors so the impact of our projects may continue. As Ei is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible donations may be made in any amount at this link.

Upcoming Events

  14th Annual Texas Recycling & Sustainability Summit
  October 2-4, 2011 Austin, TX
  Click Here for more information.

POWER – Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling Meeting
Thursday, October 6, 12pm – 6:00 p.m.
HLB Gross Collins, 3300 Cumberland Blvd, Suite 900, Atlanta, GA 30339

U.S. EPA- SMM Web Academy: Recycling and Solid Waste Management Educational Series

September 15, 2011: Green Chemistry
October 20, 2011: Community Recycling Programs: What’s Working, What’s Not
November 17, 2011: Creating Winning Recycling Programs at Sporting Events

Click Here for more information.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

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Director, Zero Waste Zones
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