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January, 2012 Newsletter ~ Edition 21

Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter

2012 welcomed Elemental Impact with a thrust of amazing road trips, meetings, conferences and expansion of our team.   Read the newsletter to learn about how January activities set the stage for a thrilling year.

The Ei Team invites you to join the ACTION (and fun!) in the capacity that makes sense for you: a ZWZ Participant, an Ei Sponsor, a ZWZ Ambassador or other avenues available to contribute and make a difference in business operating practices.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.

Ei Team Expands, Evolves

 Ei Team:  Elisabeth, Holly, Susan & Scott

Effective January 03, Elisabeth Marchal joined the Ei Team as Administrator to document and ground Ei’s important work.  Susan Montgomery expands her role from Zero Waste Zones Director to Ei Program Director to coordinate the Sustainable Food Court Initiative and project efforts.  Welcome Elisabeth and Congrats Susan!

The IMPACT Blog post, Ei Team Expands, Evolves, gives the details of the team’s evolution.


A Powerful Cyberspace Network

ZWZ Blog Topped 30,000 Page Views!!!

On January 10, a mere 49 days after reaching 25,000 views, the ZWZ Blog hit the major 30,000 milestone.  The journey from 20,000 to 25,000 views took 65 days - an impressive readership escalation over the last months. 

 A 2012 Ei focus is building a powerful cyberspace network for communicating the important work in progress by those committed to sustainable corporate, community and personal environments. Read the ZWZ Blog post, A Powerful Cyberspace Network, to learn how YOU may participate in building the valuable communication tool.

Charlotte Road Trip Sets ACTION Stage

 Louis & Matt ready for trip

In early January, Louis Herrera, Hilex Poly National Sales Director, Matt Hupp, Simon Property Group Director of Waste & Recycling and Holly Elmore, Ei Founder, headed to Charlotte for a two-day road trip. With Simon the nation's largest mall operator and Hilex Poly the world's largest plastic bag manufacturer, the trip was an opportunity to take the many 2011 conversations and meetings into action steps.

The ZWZ Blog post, 2011 Planning – 2012 ACTION, gives an overview of the planning necessary to equate into action.  Ei FB albums, Day 01 Charlotte Road Trip, and Day 02 Charlotte Road Trip, give the pictorial recap of the journey.

Atlanta Airport SFCI Pilot Takes Off

How incredible to witness a project nurtured over the past year move into ACTION mode!  The Sustainable Food Court Initiative's first Pilot at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the busiest in the world, is completing initial action steps.  With a committed pilot team in place and the airport concessionaire contracts awarded, be prepared for frequent and exciting updates.

The ZWZ Blog post, Atlanta Airport SFCI Pilot ACTION, gives a solid pilot review.

SFCI Qtrly Update Call

Learn about the exciting action in-process on the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilots and other related projects.  The conference call , Monday February 13, 2 pm to 3 pm  is open to all interested parties.To join the call, confirm via e-mail with Elisabeth Marchal to receive the call-in instructions.

January POWER Meeting


 The POWER Presenting Team

For the second consecutive year, a POWER - Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling - session was included in the 2012 U.S. Composting Council Conference program.  In 2011 the POWER meeting was part of the pre-conference activities and in 2012 was a formal conference program session.

See the ZWZ Blog post, POWER @ USCC Conference, for an overview of the session.  The Ei FB album, 01-18-12 POWER Meeting @ USCC Conference, gives a pictorial recap.                                                                          

USCC 20th Annual Conference

 Wayne King & Frank Franciosi
(past & current USCC Presidents)

The U.S. Composting Council celebrated their 20th anniversary with a stellar conference in Austin, TX January 17 - 20, 2012.  With a change in command last fall, the conference was an excellent opportunity for the USCC to embark on a new era.

See the ZWZ Blog post, USCC 20th Annual Conference – STELLAR, for conference highlights and the Ei FB album, 2012 USCC Conference – Austin, TX, for a pictorial recap.


Composting Facilities Tours

 Windrows @ Texas Disposal Systems

One of the offered pre-conference activities at the U.S. Composting Council's 20th annual conference held in Austin, TX was a tour of three composting facilities.  The tour bus was full with conference attendees eager to learn about the impressive Austin composting operations. 

For a tour overview see the ZWZ Blog post, The Nitty Gritty of Composting Operations, The Ei FB album, 01-17-12 USCC Composting Facilities Tour, gives a detailed pictorial recap of the site visits.

BPI Partners with NSF

With the foodservice industry embracing source-separated organics for composting collection, the number and type of compostable products seeking certification is certain to escalate in upcoming years.  BPI's partnership with well-respected NSF International builds a foundation capable of handling the increased certification applicants with ease and adherence to the strict standards set during program formation.  The ZWZ Blog post, BPI Certified Compostable Program Evolves, gives the details of the new partnership.

Industry Collaboration Benefits All

On January 17 the U.S. Composting Council and Keep America Beautiful announced their national partnership dedicated to diverting food "waste" from landfills and into composting operations.  Under the agreement, KAB and USCC will share educational resources and seek to identify collaborative opportunities that benefit their constituencies and the general public by promoting awareness of the important role composting plays in waste reduction, improved soil structure, improved water quality and reduced soil erosion.  The ZWZ Blog post, USCC | KAB Partnership Ignites Industry Collaboration, discusses the partnership details and the importance of industry collaboration. 

Women’s Role in Sustainability

ZWZ Chair Laura Turner Seydel hosted the Women's Network for a Sustainable Future - Atlanta Chapter January 25 luncheon meeting at her Gold LEED certified home, the EcoManor.  Meeting success was evidence of the vital role WNSF plays in recognizing and nurturing the powerful role woman play in our sustainable future.  The diversity of accomplished leaders along with those beginning their professional explorations exemplifies the WNSF strength and importance.  See the IMPACT Blog post, EcoManor – Perfect Venue for WSNF Luncheon, for details on the luncheon program.

Welcome Heritage Bag

After an excellent in-person encounter at the USCC Conference, Randy Holmes with Heritage Bag gave the big YES to joining the Ei Sponsor Family.  Thank you Randy!



Support Elemental Impact

Elemental Impact is a non-profit whose work is funded through the supporter and sponsorship programs.  Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and sponsors so the impact of our projects may continue.  As Ei is a 501(c) (3) tax deductible donations may be made in any amount at this link .

Upcoming Events

SPC Spring Meeting 2012 Agenda Toronto, Ontario Fairmont Royal York April 23-25, 2012



A CoRR Conference New Orleans, LA- March 2, 2012. Green Growth & Resource Recovery: The New Orleans Opportunity.



2012 SCSR Announcement Event is scheduled for May 1, 2012 in Atlanta, GA. Save the date!


Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!


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