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March, 2012 Newsletter ~ Edition 23

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter

Accomplishments were the theme throughout March activities. Read the newsletter to learn about National Zone expansion awards received by ZWZ Participants, the first Ei video debuts, and Ei’s role in complementary programs.

The Ei Team invites you to join the ACTION (and fun!) in the capacity that makes sense for you: a ZWZ Participant, an Ei Partner, a ZWZ Ambassador or other avenues available to contribute and make a difference in business operating practices.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste in ACTION Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey. 

Atlanta Airport Wins ENPACT Award!


 Sharon Douglas, Michael & Kyle Mastin
representing the airport team

Congratulations to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Asset Management & Sustainability Division Team!  On Friday, March 23 the world's busiest airport received the Atlanta Business Chronicle's ENPACT Award at the 2012 Environmental Awards breakfast.

The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Airport Wins ENPACT Award, includes the Sustainable Food Court Imitative Atlanta Airport Pilot’s and Zero Waste Zones’ contributions to the airport’s sustainability platform.

NOLA Resource Recovery Conference


Ei Chair Scott Seydel &
Global Green President Matt Peterson

Global Green's New York City and New Orleans offices worked in tandem to create a vibrant one-day conference, NOLA Resource Recovery Conference,  Ei founder Holly Elmore presented on the Sustainable Food Court Initiative at the conference and joined the pre-conference NOLA Rebuilding Tour.

For details on the conference, read the ZWA Blog post, Global Green Team Work in NOLA, and the Ei FB album, 03-02-12 NOLA Resource Recovery Conference, gives the pictorial recap.  The IMPACT Blog post, Global Green Hosts NOLA Rebuilding Tour, is an overview of the impressive tour while the Ei FB album, 03-01-12 Global Green’s Rebuilding Tour, gives the pictorial recap.

Ei Film Crew Produces First SFCI Video

Scott Seydel filming
at the NOLA Conference

In December, 2011 the Ei film crew debuted with a photo shoot at the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Atlanta Airport Pilot.  Ei Chair Scott Seydel is the film talent and Holly uses her camera for still shots - a powerful team for Ei communication and educational tools.

YEA - the SFCI has a powerful overview video!  Scott filmed and edited Holly's SFCI ten-minute session at the NOLA conference.  When time allows 2-3 minute snippets will be edited for program education and promotion. The ZWA Blog post, SFCI Video from the Ei Film Crew, includes the video embedded within the copy.

ZWZ Participants Work Together


 Cindy, Holly, Tim & Maria
at one of GA Tech’s recycling centers

One of the many Zero Waste Zones participation benefits is the camaraderie and sharing with fellow members.  Although the connection catalyst is generally fine tuning zero waste practices, relationships extend beyond landfill diversion to the entire spectrum of business sustainability.

ZWZ camaraderie was evident when Cindy Jackson, Georgia Institute of Technology - GA Tech - Mgr, Solid Waste Management & Recycling, hosted Tim Trefzer, GA World Congress Center Authority - GWCCA - Sustainability Manager, and Holly Elmore, Ei founder, for an afternoon of fun and education at the GA Tech campus. 

For details on the tour, read the ZWA Blog post, ZWZ Participants Work Together, and visit the Ei FB album, 02-27-12 GA Tech Hosts GWCCA, for excellent pictures of GA Tech’s award-winning recycling program.

ZWZ National Zone Expands

The Zero Waste Zones - National Zone welcomes two award-winning participants! Each participant is a pioneer in their respective industries with zero waste designation achieved in their operations.  By joining the ZWZ, these companies are committed to refining their existing recycling practices and serving as industry leaders sharing their lessons learned & successes.

The ZWA Blog post, ZWZ-National Zone Expands, introduces Piazza Produce and White Oak Pastures.

Greenprint Midtown Launches


 ZWZ-Midtown Champion
Steve Simon @ podium

On March 01 the Midtown Alliance announced Greenprint Midtown, Creating the South's first urban Eco-District, at a well-attended event. Utilizing the successful Blueprint Midtown as a program model, Greenprint Midtown is an opportunity for Midtown to emerge as a national leader in proactive community planning.

Committed to sustainability from the onset, the Midtown Alliance was instrumental in the ZWZ - Midtown launch | implementation and development of the ZWZ Ambassador program.

The ZWA Blog post, Greenprint Midtown Launches, gives additional details about the program launch and Ei’s support | involvement.

Lighten-Up:  Be Heard.  Be Effective


 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
recycling area  @ GA Tech

Over the past years, environmentalists have gotten serious in communicating their message, so serious their voice often goes unheard.  It is time to lighten-up with the same message and use wit | humor to broadcast in a manner the audience will hear, embrace and take intended action. 

The ZWA Blog post, Lighten-Up:  Be Heard. Be Effective, gives examples of a range of  witty communication at the backbone of successful recycling programs. 


Product Stewardship


Ei welcomes Heritage Interactive Services to the Ei Partner program!  The HIS partnership is the first step for Ei in the world beyond end-of-life considerations.  To date, the ZWZ and SFCI focus are on the product final destination with minimal consideration to product life origins.

The ZWA Blog post, The Ei Entire Product Life Cycle is Critical, gives additional information on HIS expertise and the new action pathways developing.  Exciting times!

Welcome Heritage International Services!

Continuous Recycling Spiral


When reviewing products made from recycled material, dig a bit deeper to ensure these new products are recyclable.  There are many products made from recycled material - reusable shopping bags are a prime example - that are landfill destined once spent.  The goal is beyond extending the end-of-life to creating a perpetual spiral-of-life. Spiral is used, instead of circle, to denote how the material make take many different forms as it travels the recycling path. 

The ZWA Blog post, The Perpetual Spiral, gives examples of inovative recycling programs that bring companies together from across industry sectors for a continuous recycling spiral.

2012 NRA Pocket Factbook

Each year the National Restaurant Association produces a pocket factbook that details the important role restaurants play in our lives and the economy.  Along with the standard facts, 970,000 restaurant locations produce $632 billion in sales, the 2012 book includes interesting anecdotes on technology advances and industry trends impact.

Read the IMPACT Blog post, BIG Facts in a Little Book2012 Update, to learn how industry trends in technology and customer preferences support sustainable best practices.


Support Elemental Impact

Ei is a non-profit whose work is funded through the supporter and partnership programs.  Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and partners so the impact of our projects may continue.  As Ei is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible donations may be made in any amount at this link.


Upcoming events

Biocycle Conference
April 16 - 19, 2012

In Portland, Oregon takes place at the Red Lion Hotel on the River. Conference sessions and tradeshow featuring more than 65 exhibitors are scheduled on April 17 and 18, followed by all day site tours on April 19. Preconference workshops will be held on Monday, April 16 



Earth Day
April 22, 2012

Earth Day will become a powerful focus for thousands of rallies in communities all across the world! Together, we will support the decisive action needed NOW to stop climate change from overtaking our future. At the same time, at the city and state level, hundreds of public forums will engage leaders to bring livability and clean energy investment to their communities.Events all around the world


Sustainable Packaging Coalition (SPC) Spring Meeting
April 23 – 25

The SPC believes it will require collaboration throughout the supply chain to affect the change needed to realize sustainable packaging. As a result, the SPC continually looks for opportunities to advance its mission through participation in and hosting of conferences and meetings. Fairmont Royal York,  Toronto, Ontario, Canada


NRA SHOW 2012 
May 5 - 8, 2012

Conserve Solutions Center at the NRA Show 2012  - Chicago, IL
Sustainability & Social Responsibility Educational Sessions.


1st National Zero Waste Business Conference
June 26-27, 2012

The U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC) is hosting the only national conference focused solely on Zero Waste business success stories, challenges, needs, and opportunities. The first conference will be held at the Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support! 



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Substainable Food Court Initiative