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April, 2012 Newsletter ~ Edition 24

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter

YEA – this is the second anniversary of the Ei Newsletter!  Thank you to our loyal following and those who write encouraging comments. 

Gaining momentum was the theme for April activities. The Sustainable Food Court Initiative steps into grounded action with new team members, announces the event venue pilot, issues its first formal document in partnership with the Institute for Local Self Reliance and sends its first quarterly newsletter. 

Ei gained significant momentum in the zero waste arena via workshop sessions, meetings and welcoming an industry leader in the office building market.  The newsletter contains the details.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste in ACTION Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey. 


The SFCI Shifts into High Gear!

The Sustainable Food Court Initiative accomplished amazing action points in April and warrants an entire section in this newsletter.  It is an honor to witness the momentum gained by the SFCI over the past month.  Here goes …


Atlanta Airport Int’l Concourse Tour

The Atlanta Airport International
Concourse Tour Group

What a important treat! The SFCI Team toured the near complete Atlanta Airport International Concourse.

The ZWA Blog post, SFCI Team Tours New ATL Airport Int'l Concourse, gives an overview of the tour while the Ei FB album, 04-12-12 SFCI Team Tour of ATL Airport, is the pictorial recap.




Compostable Packaging Info Packet

The Atlanta Airport made a bold sustainability statement with its new concessionaire contract, the largest such contract executed to date in North America.  Airport food vendors are required to use compostable serviceware and consumer-facing packaging.”  The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Airport Makes a Bold Sustainable Statement, gives details of the groundbreaking contract provision.

To give concessionaires support with meeting the contract provision, the SFCI Packaging Committee prepared the HJAIA Compostable Foodservice Ware Packet.  The ZWA Blog post, Compostable Packaging Info Packet, gives an overview of the packet along with links to download the document.

Georgia Dome - SFCI Event Pilot!


It is official:  The Georgia Dome is the SFCI Event Venue Pilot!

In a mid-April meeting the Dome accepted the SFCI Event Venue Pilot invitation.  The three GWCCA facilities, the Georgia Dome, the Georgia World Congress Center and Centennial Olympic Park, are Founding Zero Waste Zones Participants.

The ZWA Blog post, Georgia Dome - SFCI Event Venue Pilot!, details the GWCCA sustainability commitment and their SFCI Pilot status.

New SFCI Team Members

As the SFCI is gearing up for new pilots, the Team gains depth with the addition of three team members.  In the past weeks BASF, Heritage Interactive Services and Kimberly-Clark joined the SFCI Team as Gold Level Ei Partners.  WELCOME!

The ZWA Blog post, New Industry Experts Join SFCI Team, gives details on the new SFCI Team members.

SFCI Distribution List

The first SFCI Quarterly Newsletter was sent last week to those who expressed program interest over the past year.  With the same content as this section, those on the distribution list received the update first and with a few additional tid bits.

Sign-up for the SFCI Distribution list to receive updates, news alerts and notice of the SFCI Quarterly open call.

Tishman Speyer Joins ZWZ


Colony Square and Midtown Plaza joined the Zero Waste Zones!  Tishman Speyer stepped forward with the zero waste exploration commitment for their two Midtown properties. 

The timing is impeccable as Midtown is in the midst of a green evolution with the March launch of Greenprint Midtown, Creating the South’s first Urban Eco-District. Greenprint Midtown is a Midtown Alliance program in partnership with Southface and Sustainable Atlanta.

For additional details, see the ZWA Blog post, Tishman Speyer Joins Zero Waste Zones.


Emerging Trend: Recycling PROFIT Centers

Astute business leaders recognize a significant percentage of "trash" items are valuable materials supported by commodity markets.  With a perception shift, companies are realigning their "waste" logistics, both equipment and practices, to source-separate material generated on-site into bales or other mediums for sale. 


 Ei | HIS | Spelman College Group

For many companies, the task of revamping their entire disposal methods is daunting so they opt for the traditional pay-to-leave system.  Thus, a new industry is emerging, logistics management focused on zero waste goals.

New Ei Partner, Heritage Interactive Services is a logistics management hero with an amazing resume of zero waste manufacturing clients.  In April, the HIS team traveled to Atlanta for a powerful mini meeting marathon to jump start several exciting programs. 

See the ZWA Blog post, Emerging Trend:  Recycling PROFIT Centers, for details of meetings and the Ei FB album, 04-12 Heritage Interactive Visits ATL, for the pictorial recap.

Versatility Key to a Powerful Voice

Ei's tagline is “Sustainability in Action" - Action includes a strong, influential voice for our important work.  Communication in the cyberspace age requires using technology- based platforms to reach a vast, global audience as well as the local community. Blogs, Facebook and LinkedIn are effective tools when used with purpose and direction.

The ZWA Blog post, Versatility Key to a Powerful Zero Waste Voice, gives a roadmap on HOW Ei created our powerful industry voice, along with metrics and other substantiation.   One strong example is the ZWA Blog topped 40,000 page views on April 11!!!!

Chattanooga Embarks on the Zero Waste Journey


Ei | Chattanooga Workshop Group

On April 10 Ei Partner The Institute for Local Self Reliance orchestrated a powerful one-day Zero Waste Workshop in Chattanooga.  Ei founder Holly Elmore gave a vibrant presentation at the well-attended workshop on ZWZ and SFCI successes in Atlanta, Charlotte and Tampa. 

The ZWA Blog post, Chattanooga Building a Green Brick Road, gives a conference overview and Holly’s PPT may be downloaded on the Ei site Meeting & Events page.  For a pictorial recap, visit the Ei FB album, 04-10-12 Chattanooga Zero Waste Workshop.

Milk Jugs Recycled @ Atlanta Airport


 Baled Milk Jugs

Thanks to HMSHost's unwavering sustainability commitment, the used milk jugs at the Atlanta Airport Starbucks locations are collected, compacted, baled and sold as valuable material. HMSHost operates nine Airport Starbucks and developed the program in early 2011 as a pilot in the world's busiest airport.

For program details read the ZWA Blog post, Milk Jugs Recycled @ Atlanta Airport, along with the pictorial recap in the Ei FB album,12-05-11 SFCI ATL Airport Milk Jug Recycling.

Congratulations to Ei Partner EcoLogic Solutions!

On Friday, April 27 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency honored 26 individuals and organizations across New York for their achievements in protecting the public health and environment with the annual Environmental Quality Awards. Congrats ELS on your impressive award.

See THE IMPACT Blog post, Ecologic Solutions Receives EPA Award, for additional details.

Beyond Zero Waste Zones

Beyond bringing community together with common recycling goals, the ZWZ program is a catalyst for industry leaders to collaborate on refining and expanding sustainable best practices within the corporate and local government systems. 


Patrick Cuccaro of ATR &
Michael Cheyne of Atlanta Airport 

In honor of National Restaurant Association senior editor Elissa Elan's Atlanta visit ZWZ Champion Affairs to Remember, hosted a powerful gathering at their corporate offices on Friday, April 06.

Elissa's questions were the catalyst for lively conversation that ran the gamut from program | project status to the importance of extracting glass from recycling streams to the role sustainability plays in corporate decision making, to name a few topics. Existing relationships found more depth and new bonds were formed among industry leaders.

The ZWA Blog post, Beyond Zero Waste Zones, includes details on the important lunch and the Ei FB album, 04-06-12 Powerful ZWZ Meeting, gives the pictorial recap.


Upcoming Events

NRA SHOW 2012 
May 5 - 8, 2012 - Chicago, IL
Conserve Solutions Center at the NRA Show 2012  - Sustainability & Social Responsibility Educational Sessions.


Federation of New York-Solid Waste Associations
May 20 - 23, 2012 - Lake George, New York
Solid Waste & Recycling Conference 

The Federation Spring Conference and Trade Show began in 1997 and has become an annual premier northeast event.


1st National Zero Waste Business Conference
June 26-27, 2012 - Hilton Hotel in Costa Mesa, CA

The U.S. Zero Waste Business Council (USZWBC) is hosting the only national conference focused solely on Zero Waste business success stories, challenges, needs, and opportunities.   



CoRR Spring Food Waste Conference
June 28, 2012- Radisson Lexington Hotel New York

Topics: Technology for distributed urban waste recovery - Co-location of food waste processing with material recovery facilities - Financing new infrastructure for organics and MSW recovery - Maximizing collection and waste transfer efficiencies - Markets for energy and soil products.

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Thank you for your enthusiasm and support! 



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Substainable Food Court Initiative