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Elemental Impact

October 2012 Newsletter, Edition 29

Welcome to the Ei Newsletter
October was a month of exciting transitions and amazing recognition for Elemental Impact.  Sustainability in ACTION – Ei Partners take the tagline seriously! Read the newsletter to learn about national media, the NRA ZWZ acquisition, Ei travels and more. 

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste in ACTION Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey. 

Ei | Atlanta Wasted Food Crusaders in National Spotlight

Robby Astrove of Concrete Jungle
Atlanta's wasted food crusaders receive a national spotlight in a November Whole Living feature article, Spoil Alert, by renown nature | science writer Elizabeth Royte.  In addition to one of four feature articles, an entire paragraph is dedicated to Spoil Alert in the Editor's Letter.  In June Ei founder Holly Elmore hosted Elizabeth for a two-day interview marathon of Atlanta’s wasted food heroes who served as the article foundation.

A talented journalist, Elizabeth crafts an excellent highlight of the local heroes who put Atlanta on the map as a national leader in food waste and wasted food reduction.  Intertwined within the hero mini-profiles is an abundance of the staggering facts at the foundation of our nation throwing out 40% of our food, much of it perfectly edible.

Humor is interjected within the copy via Elizabeth’s descriptions of Holly's attire - "with her flouncy skirts and jaunty hats in matching sorbet colors," driving style - "careening across town," industry connections - "the Kevin Bacon of wasted food," professional operating mode - "I create things. It never occurs to me to do any research. I'm a Scorpio," and energy level - "and her energy level slightly exhausting."

The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Waste Food Heroes in National Spotlight, is an overview of the article with commentary. An article link is included in the post.

NRA Acquires the ZWZ

ZWZ Two-Yr Anniversary Press Conference Team 
In late September, the NRA acquired the ZWZ program with intentions to expand the program nationally within the state restaurant association network. Exciting news as the program may evolve and increase its impact within the depth of the NRA's educational, training and policy resources.

The NRA ZWZ acquisition substantiates Ei as a creator and incubator for developing programs within the corporate, government and educational communities.  A common phrase in Holly's speaking engagements summarizes the overall driving force in Ei initiatives:

"Ei determines what could be done that is not being done and gets it done.  Ei brings the possible out of impossible."

For details on the acquisition, see the ZWA Blog post, Ei: An Established Program Creator.

SFCI Shopping Mall Pilot – The Power of WE in ACTION!

In August, 2012 Concord Mills - a Simon Property Group mall near Charlotte, NC - was designated the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilot.  Without missing a beat, the CM team moved into immediate action with food waste collection for composting and baling plastic film generated by mall tenants for recycling.
With Roy Soporowski, Concord Mills general manager, and Brian Shetron, HMSHost Concord Mills food court general manager, at the helm of the SFCI Team, ACTION is the destiny! The ZWA Blog post, Concord Mills: The Power of WE in ACTION!, is an update of the wasted food donation, food waste collection for composting, plastic film recycling, and grease filters for kitchen hood systems programs in process at Concord Mills – IMPRESSIVE!

Ei Team Educates on Zero Waste

Chris & Amy in Newark
An Ei Team visited Newark for a two-day series of zero waste meetings and a morning workshop hosted by the City of Newark, Office of Sustainability. Joining Holly, Ei Partners Amy Moreland of Heritage Interactive Services and Chris Bradlee of BASF shared their zero waste expertise in the educational sessions.

The two-day Newark visit was introductory in nature and an opportunity to educate enthusiastic industry leaders and city staff members on zero waste initiative basics along with baseline assessment. 

For an overview of the Newark educational visit, see the ZWA Blog post, Ei Team Visits Newark for Zero Waste Education, and the Ei FB album, Oct 02 & 03 Zero Waste Visit, for the pictorial recap.

The workshop PPT presentations may downloaded on the Ei Meetings & Events page.

Ei @ Biopolymers Conference

 Biopolymers End of Life Session Presenters
The biopolymers community converged on the San Antonio River Walk for a two-day conference. Smithers RAPRA orchestrated the excellent conference. In-depth sessions on pertinent topics were presented by respected industry experts with plenty of networking options infiltrated within the program.

Ei Partner Steve Davies of NatureWorks and Holly co-presented a panel session on Biopolymers Role in Zero Waste Programs.  After Holly’s Ei overview, Steve focused on the SFCI Atlanta Airport Pilot including the Airport’s foodservice contract provision requiring the use of compostable products. The PPT presentation may be downloaded on the Ei Speaking Engagements page.

Fun and educational, the Biopolymers Conference was the perfect energy for effecting the necessary change in our community and corporate culture. Ei was honored to serve as a conference presenter and media partner.  The ZWA Blog post, Biopolymers End of Life – or is it?, is an overview of the conference while the Ei FB album, 10-12 Biopolymers Conference in San Antonio, gives the pictorial recap.

NRA | USCC Partnership Announced

NRA | USCC Intro Meeting 
In early October, the National Restaurant Association and the U.S. Composting Council announced their formal partnership. Understanding the tremendous synergies, Ei orchestrated the introductory meeting between the two powerful trade associations in December, 2011.  The ZWA Blog post, NRA Leads Industry Collaboration, is an overview of the inaugural meeting that set the stage for the formal partnership between the trade associations for food waste generators and destinations.

For an overview of the partnership impact, see the ZWA Blog post, Collaboration Key for Success.

Upcoming Events

Global Green’s Coalition for Resource Recovery
CoRR Food Waste Conference 
November 7, 2012 
New York, NY

Conference topics include:  Technology for distributed urban waste recovery,  Co-location of food waste processing with material recovery facilities,  Financing new infrastructure for organics and MSW recovery,  Maximizing collection and waste transfer efficiencies and  Markets for energy and soil products.

2012 Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference
November 12-13, 2012
Charlotte, NC

The Southeast Food Waste Reduction Conference is a professional symposium designed for attendees in both the public and private sector working in the fields of composting and organics recycling. 

U.S. Composting Council Annual Conference
January 28-31, 2013
Orlando, FL

The Magic of Compost - the world’s largest conference and exhibition for the organics management industry – composting, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy from organics, compostable plastics, wood waste and organics recycling. The most comprehensive program of training courses, education and technical sessions, and facility tours and “live” equipment demonstrations.

Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show
March 10-13, 2013
Destin, FL

The 26th Southeast Recycling Conference & Trade Show (SERC) will be a four day event linking industry leaders and recycling officials, offering focused educational sessions, the latest recycling products, equipment and services and exciting networking opportunities all at an economical rate.


Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!



Holly D. Elmore 

Founder & CEO, Elemental Impact
Director, Substainable Food Court Initiative

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