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Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter

July 28 Newsletter ~ Edition 03

In the midst of the dog days of summer, Elemental Impact is keeping the heat strong on our efforts to announce exciting fall projects!  Contact the Ei staff if you choose to participate in creating business operating practices with sustainability as a core focus.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.

A Helping Hand for Sustainable Efforts

Ready to make the dive into creating internal sustainable practices in your business yet confused where to start?  The GA Department of Natural Resource’s Sustainability Division is here to help with through their Partnership for a Sustainable Georgia Program.  Working with a combination of S.D. staff and mentor companies within the program, partners receive solid support on developing a clear game plan for implementing sustainability practices in their business.  The program is free and includes educational and networking opportunities throughout the year.  To learn more about the program visit The Impact Blog and to join click here.

Taking Zero Waste Home

As we incorporate sustainable practices into our daily living, reminders of our pre-eco lives are found under sinks, garages, basements and other nooks and crannies of our home. What do we do with these toxic and hazardous items? Help is on its way this fall so start collecting those items now.  On September 25 visit the EcoDepot toxic and hazardous waste collection area at the EcoLife event in Atlantic Station.  See further details on The ZWZ Blog.

Concrete Jungle:  THE IMPACTOR for July

Wow ~ talk about inspiration! Craig Durkin and Aubrey Daniels brave the urban environment in search of forgotten fruits and vegetables in public and private property. A substantial portion of their bounty is donated to feed Atlanta's hungry population. These young gentlemen, along with a crew of volunteers, spend most weekends May through October in the southern heat to ensure our local treasures end-up in human bellies.

Concrete Jungle is their local organization dedicated to urban foraging. At their website, residents may register their property for harvesting or volunteers may connect with the foraging team.  It is the drive and ingenuity of individuals like Craig and Aubrey who will shift consciousness to the next levels of local food commitment.

ACFB Receives Truck Donation

Amazing ~ in these challenging economic times Chase donated three new, clean fuel-burning, refrigerated food delivery trucks to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The donation will increase the Food Bank’s ability to collect donated product and distribute food to its more than 700 partner agencies in 38 counties serving those in need. In addition, Chase has donated funds to help with the operation of these trucks for the first year.  Visit The Impact Blog for further information and pictures of the trucks and ACFB Executive Director Bill Bolling in the driver seat.


Join us on Sunday, August 8 from 1pm to 5pm at JCT. Kitchen and Bar where over 30 of the best chefs and mixologists in the south will team up with a selection of fabulous local tomato farmers to produce an afternoon of tomato-inspired dishes and cocktails.  Top Tomato, Ford Fry, owner and executive chef of JCT. Kitchen & Bar, is heading up the celebration and turning his restaurant into a tomato sanctuary that will also span the upstairs bar and outdoor courtyard area.  All proceeds benefit Georgia Organics, a non-profit working to integrate healthy, sustainable and locally grown food into the lives of all Georgians.  Visit The Impact Blog or Georgia Organics’ website for more information on ticket purchases and event activities.

Support Elemental Impact

Elemental Impact is a non-profit and our work is funded through the supporter and sponsorship program.  Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and sponsors so the impact of our projects may continue.

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Holly Elmore
CEO & Founder, Elemental Impact
Director, Zero Waste Zones