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Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter

August 26, 2010 ~ Edition 04

It looks like we made through another summer in the South!  With Labor Day and cooler (less humid!) weather around the corner, the Elemental Impact Team is working hard on building the foundation for an exciting fall full of ACTION.  Contact the Ei staff if you choose to participate in creating business operating practices with sustainability as a core focus.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The IMPACT Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on project status and tales from the journey.

Ei Goes High Tech

Thanks to Hadley Laughlin’s, ZWZ Program Director, diligent effort the Ei website has the new following programs/pages:

ZWZ National Directory ~ ZWZ Participants & Suppliers may now join the on-line National Directory with supporting programs at various levels.  For ZWZ Participants, the levels begin at $100 and for ZWZ Suppliers at $500.  ZWZ Participants market their sustainable practices to the industry and potential customers.  ZWZ Suppliers reach ZWZ Participants with information about their products/services.  Learn more about joining ZWZ and view the National ZWZ Supplier Directory here.

Ei On-Line Advertising ~ Ei Supporters and Sponsors may market their services to Ei website visitors via the new on-line advertising program.  Ads begin at $100 per month, with multiple-month discounts.  This fall Ei plans announce the evolution of the ZWZ program along with several new project launches.  Benefit from the increased website traffic via the advertising program.  Learn more at this link.

Ei Newsletter Archive ~ For those who missed earlier newsletters, prior newsletters are now archived on-line at this link.

August IMPACTOR: Garth Peters of The Buckhead Coalition

Garth Peters, Director of Community Development for The Buckhead Coalition, is leading the charge to bring sustainability to the Buckhead Community.  At a recent Neighborhood Planning Unit Safety Committee meeting where liquor license renewals, transfers and applications are reviewed, Garth questioned a new license applicant on his recycling practices and ZWZ~Buckhead participation. Although recycling is not required for a liquor license, future applicants can expect questions about their recycling practices in front of the Safety Committee.

To learn more about the meeting and Buckhead’s recycling commitment read the August 13, 2010 Buckhead Reporter article. To learn more about Elemental Impact's IMPACTOR program and Garth’s sustainability commitment visit The IMPACTOR page on the Ei website.

Thank you Garth ~ individuals like you are necessary to motivate communities and individuals to adopt sustainable practices in their daily lives. You are a true IMPACTOR!

Whole Foods Increases Composting

The Whole Foods Buckhead store implemented front-of-the-house composting this summer with their new recycling center in the dining area.  In addition to unsellable produce, Whole Foods Buckhead now closes the loop with in-store diners’ uneaten food and compostable serving pieces.  The organics are used by Farmer D Organics to create bio-dynamic compost sold at the store.  Visit The ZWZ Blog to learn more about the program and to see a picture of the recycling center.

Atlanta Festivals Embrace Zero Waste 

The Killer Tomato Festival (KTF) leads the pack of Atlanta festivals embracing zero waste initiatives, including spent grease going for the local production of biofuel, common recycling efforts and organic collection for composting.  At the August 10 event, foodservice and beverage providers were required to use compostable products and the disposal areas were clearly marked for recycling, composting and landfill.  Thanks to Tim & Melia Lesko’s, owners of Greenco Environmental, hands-on, heroic effort at the KTF approximately 1,000 pounds of organics was diverted from the landfill to composting.

Stay tuned for impressive results from fall festivals and events including The Midtown Arts Festival, EcoLife and Taste of Atlanta.  Dale Gordon DeSeina, TOA Director & ZWZ~Festival Champion, along with Ei Sponsor Whitten Management has amazing plans for the October 23 & 24 event in Tech Square ~ more details to come!

Support Elemental Impact

Elemental Impact is a non-profit and our work is funded through the supporter and sponsorship program.  Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and sponsors so the impact of our projects may continue.

Upcoming Events:

Midtown Festival of the Arts - September 25 & 26, 2010
Festival Site: On Peachtree Street between 5th & 10th Streets.

Plan to take an active part in our Festival opening party, wake-up fun run, or fantastic Kid Zone activities. Show up to see the juried Artist Market, the beer garden, Plates on Peachtree, ongoing live musical performances and even a classic film screening. All this activity happens in a Zero Waste Zone!
Ecolife - September 25 & 26, 2010
Atlantic Station • Atlanta, GA 

Ecolife is an eco lifestyle event designed just for you…to have fun & learn about new ways to live, grow and sustain our natural resources. Come grow with our community; live healthier and sustainable lives with less impact on the planet.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!
Holly Elmore
CEO & Founder, Elemental Impact
Director, Zero Waste Zones