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Welcome to the Elemental Impact Newsletter

September 29, 2010 Newsletter ~ Edition 05

What an exciting month! Read on to learn about honors, media and new program launches since the last newsletter. Ei is in the ACTION mode and we invite you to participate. Contact the Ei staff to let us know how you would like to contribute your valuable resources – whether time, financial or expertise – to broaden our impact.

Follow the Ei Blogs, The Impact Blog and Zero Waste Zone Blog, to keep current on projects and for tales of the journey.

September a Month of Awards & Media

Ei sponsor Harvest Power announced its SSO (Source Separated Organics) Superhero program with a national press release – and named Ei founder Holly Elmore a Superhero! The honor included a profile of Holly on the Harvest Power’s website. Superheroes are recognized for their heroic efforts on the journey to create organic-free landfills. Thank you Harvest Power!

ZWZ was featured on the NRA Blog post, Compost Your Way to Zero Waste, and again in the Restaurant Forum, Georgia Edition, Shades of Green, Innovations in Foodservice Sustainability article. Visit the ZWZ blog (Foodservice Industry Ready to Embrace Composting?) for Holly’s response to the NRA blog. Also visit IMPACT Blog where we thank Ei board member Debby Cannon for her Restaurant Forum article.

October 14 POWER Meeting

To learn more about the highest good use for food residuals, attend the October 14 POWER meeting. POWER – Perishable Organics Waste to Energy Recycling – meets twice a year to educate attendees and to explore highest good options for food residuals generated in corporate environments. Learn more about POWER here; for meeting details, including agenda, click here.

Calling All ZWZ Participants & Suppliers

ZWZ Participants: Formalize your ZWZ participation by registering with the new on-line process. ZWZ Suppliers: Market your products and services to ZWZ participants and other eco-minded businesses by becoming a ZWZ Supplier. The National ZWZ Directory is LIVE, including listings for participants and suppliers. Take advantage of the increased website traffic later this year when Ei announces the Evolution of the ZWZ.  Click here for more information on how to join the ZWZ and be listed in the National ZWZ Directory.

The Global Soap Project:  THE IMPACTOR for September

The Global Soap Project improves and saves lives one bar of soap at a time by sanitizing, melting and remolding used soap into new bars for distribution to African refugee camps. As an Uganda refugee, GSP founder Derreck Kayongo understands firsthand the living conditions of refugee camps and the unnecessary deaths due to the lack of clean water and sanitary conditions.

With the hospitality industry discarding 2.6 million used bars of soaps per day, there is a tremendous supply available to the GSP for their soap production.  Derrick’s passion and drive mobilizes the hotel and lodging industry to send used soap to GSP instead of the landfill, a double win! To date GSP has received over 20 tons of soap from its hotel partners across the nation and has distributed an estimated 20,000 news bars of soap to Haiti, Swaziland, Kenya and Uganda. Currently, 10,000 bars of soap are in production for Ghana.

Visit the IMPACTOR page to learn more about the importance of delivering soap to refugee camps.

Collaboration a Key to Ei Success

One of the keys to Ei project success is collaboration with universities, government, non-profits, trade associations and private enterprise.  Ei Advisory Council members and Strategic Partners share their wealth of resources and expertise to maximize the impact of Ei initiatives. Welcome new Advisory Council members:  Karen Bremer, Georgia Restaurant Association executive director; Wayne King, U.S. Composting Council president; and Charles Walker, Green Economy Diversity Initiative chair.

Taking Sustainable Action beyond ZWZ

Ei embraces three main facets of sustainability: environmental consciousness, economic viability and social responsibility. The ZWZ criteria address the first two facets; projects in the development phase focus on social responsibility.

The ZWZ Auxiliary Program was launched in September with four initiatives that take sustainable action beyond the ZWZ criteria.  Each program includes a social responsibility component. See the ZWZ Auxiliary Program to learn about Cork ReHarvest, the Global Soap Project, UNICOR’s Electronic Recycling and Going the Green Mile’s grass roots educational campaign. 

Support Elemental Impact

Elemental Impact is a non-profit and our work is funded through the supporter and sponsorship program.  Please consider joining the Elemental Impact family of supporters and sponsors so the impact of our projects may continue.

Upcoming Events:

Enjoy locally grown chef-prepared food, live music, and green living education, all in a family-friendly, fun environment for Field of Greens at Whippoorwill Hollow Farm on Sunday, October 3, 2010, from 11am-5pm. Proceeds benefit Georgia’s sustainable and organic farmers through Slow Food Atlanta.

Please join the Sustainability Division and Conserve Georgia on October 6, 2010 as Governor Sonny Perdue and Commissioner Chris Clark recognize Georgia's Natural Leaders - highly effective organizations leading the way to environmental excellence.  From 8:00am to 1:30pm, with the awards being given at lunch.

Join us for Atlanta's premier Food+Wine+Beer+Cocktail Festival Taste of Atlanta on Saturday, October 23 & Sunday, October 24 at Tech Square in midtown.  Tickets are on sale now.

Corporate Sustainability is the focus of this year’s educational sessions at the GreenBusiness Works EXPO from October 26-28, 2010, and few companies deliver sustainability like WALMART. Join GreenBusiness Works and the attendees  for  the opening keynote, Rosalind G. Brewer, Executive Vice President of Walmart.  Click here to register as an attendee or exhibitor.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support!

CEO & Founder, Elemental Impact
Director, Zero Waste Zones