The Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team tours pilot facilities to garner first-hand experience of baseline practices in-place. Tours are an excellent vehicle to establish strong working relationships with the on-site managers responsible for operations and facility maintenance.

Georgia Dome | Falcons Game

August 8, 2014
Atlanta, GA

Prior Georgia Dome tours educated on game day recycling practices in-place and collecting compostable items, The SMAT – Sustainable Materials ACTION Team – pre-season Falcons game tour focused on identifying contaminants in the food & beverage packaging served at the Dome. The ZWA Blog article, Sustainability in ACTION at the Georgia Dome, documents the tour.

Georgia Dome | Falcons Game

September 15, 2013
Atlanta, GA

Ei founder Holly Elmore joined the new Falcons Stadium architects on a game day recycling practices tour hosted by Tim Trefzer, GA World Congress Center Authority sustainability director. With solid zero waste practices in-place, the tour served as the foundation for assessing how the GA Dome may take its recycling program the next level with on-site source separation. The ZWA Blog post, Winning Recycling Seasons: Team Work Required!, is a tour overview; the Ei FB album, 09-15-13 Falcons Recycling Tour, is a tour pictorial recap.

Atlanta International Airport - Int'l Concourse

April 17, 2013
Atlanta, GA

With the International Concourse nearing its one-year anniversary, the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Atlanta Airport Team reunited for a facility tour. Fact finding in nature, the tour included the concourse loading dock area along with food court front & back-of-the-house operations. The ZWA Blog post, SFCI Atlanta Airport Pilot: ACTION Resumes, is a pilot & tour overview while the EI FB album, 04-17-13 SFCI Team Tour - ATL Airport Int'l Concourse, is a pictorial recap.

SFCI Concord Mills Pilot

August 21 & 22, 2012
Charlotte, NC

In August 2012 Concord Mills officially accepted invite the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Shopping Mall Pilot invite. Immediately, the Ei Team made a short, exciting visit to Charlotte to jump start several test projects within the pilot. The ZWA Blog article, ACTION: Theme for the SFCI Shopping Mall Pilot, provides a trip overview. For a pictorial recap of the Ei Charlotte visit, see the Ei FB album, 08-12 Charlotte SFCI Trip.

Georgia Dome

May 16, 2012
Atlanta, GA

In April 2012 the Georgia Dome accepted the SFCI Event Venue Pilot invite; the first order of business was a facility tour. As a founding Zero Waste Zones Participant, the Dome has impressive zero waste practices in place. The SFCI team witnessed the "reduce first, reuse second, and then recycle" philosophy within the Dome practices during a detailed tour of current operations.The ZWA Blog post, Georgia Dome SFCI Team Tour, is an overview of the tour; the Ei FB album, 05-16-12 GA Dome SFCI Pilot Tour is a pictorial recap.