Elemental Impact is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing sustainable operating practices to the corporate community. Committed to effective action, Ei projects create easy-to-implement templates that make good business sense.

Ei’s tagline – Sustainability in ACTION! – is the foundation for Ei endeavors.

Working within three platforms, Ei initiatives forge industry frontiers with simple solutions to replace wasteful | toxic standard operating practices. Ei Task Forces support Industry Pioneers with in-depth expertise.

The following mantra is at the core of Ei work:

Ei is a creator, an incubator.
Ei determines what could be done that is not being done and gets it done.
Ei brings the possible out of impossible.
Ei identifies pioneers and creates heroes.

Once templates are created, tested and replicated, Ei’s work is complete in the particular area. New frontiers await the Ei Team!


Product Stewardship

Integrity throughout the entire product life-cycle

Holographic integrity, encompassing the entire value chain and product lifecycle, is integral to Ei initiatives. Product Stewardship is an important avenue to explore as programs dive deeper into the manufacturing and production practices | processes. The Ei PetroWax-Free Box Initiative is announced.

The Sustainable Materials ACTION Team supports the Product Stewardship Platform.

Water Use | Toxicity 

The Water Footprint: a new sustainability standard

The water footprint is as or more important than the carbon footprint. Global warming garners the headlines using the carbon footprint as the accepted sustainability measurement tool. The fact water is immediately essential to sustaining life seems ignored. The Ei Airborne Kitchen Grease and Ei Cooling Tower Blowdown Initiatives are announced.

Recycling Refinement

Moving beyond landfill diversion

Diverting valuable material from landfills and back into the production process was Ei’s original focus area. With the 2012 Zero Waste Zones sale, Ei evolved the zero waste focus into the Recycling Refinement Platform.
Ei is committed to creating operating practices where integrity is maintained throughout the entire value chain, including material producers, users and destinations at disposal time. The Ei Team is called upon to share their in-depth Recycling Refinement industry expertise in myriad of areas, ranging from EPA Grants to conference panels to industry education.
The Sustainable Materials ACTION Team supports the Recycling Refinement Platform.

Industry Pioneers

Sustainable Food Court Initiative (SFCI)

An Integrated Approach to Sustainability

Abundant zero waste challenges are inherent within food court operations, ranging from landlord | tenant relationships, franchisee | franchisor contracts, consumer packaging, common disposal systems and third party items brought to the food court.
The three SFCI Pilots serve as Industry Pioneers for developing evolved standard operating practices in their food courts, as well as the entire facility:

Industry Experts

The Sustainable Materials ACTION Team (SMAT), an Ei Task Force, shares their valuable industry expertise with Industry Pioneers across Platform boundaries. 2015 was a busy year for the SMAT members. The following lists SMAT accomplishments: