The Water Footprint: a new regenerative standard

Regenerating the foundation of life

Integrity throughout the entire product-life cycle

Ei is a creator, an incubator.
Ei determines what could be done that is not being done and gets it done.
Ei brings the possible out of impossible.
Ei identifies pioneers and creates heroes.
Ei is Regeneration in ACTION.

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Zero Waste Zones Launch Ten-Year Anniversary

On February 10, 2009 the Zero Waste Zones (ZWZ) launched at the acclaimed press conference hosted at the Georgia World Congress Center and lead by Stanley Meiburg, Acting Regional Director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4. The ZWZ propelled Atlanta into the global spotlight as THE forerunner in the nation for the commercial collection of food waste for compost.

The 2009 ZWZ launch was the foundation for Ei’s formation and subsequent successes.

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WorldChefs’ Feed the Planet: Making a Global Impact

On January 7, 2019 Ei Strategic Ally World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WorldChefs) Feed the Planet Committee launched the Food Waste Challenge (FWC) with participants from across the globe. For the launch, Feed the Planet Chair Christopher Koetke led a webinar educating on the importance of food-waste reduction and the FWC parameters. Ei is a FWC Collaborative Partner.

Ei provides the food-waste expertise while WorldChefs customizes the information for the chef audience. It is a perfect collaboration!

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Three Steps to Straw Integrity

Ei took first “easy win” steps for eradicating single-use plastic-food & beverage packaging with the Three-Step Straw Initiative (TSSI) announcement in early March. The TSSI is in partnership with One More Generation’s well established, successful One Less Straw pledge program.

Beyond plastic-straw usage reduction, TSSI addresses the straw content and end of life and aligns with Ei Era of Regeneration platforms. The TSSI includes the following steps:

Step 1- REDUCE straw usage
Step 2 – SHIFT to paper straws
Step 3 – COMPOST used straws

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