Ei Partner Program

Ei’s primary funding is from the corporate community via the Ei Partner Program. Through active participation, Ei Partners work with Industry Pioneers on establishing regenerative business practices as standard operating practices. Partners are classified as Industry Experts or Pioneers.

Experts educate, advise and provide support as the Pioneers craft new standard operating practices that make good business and environmental sense. Once tested and proven effective, the Pioneers share the evolved practices with their industry colleagues.

Ei Friend: ($2,500 annual)

The Ei Friend status is designed for young companies with limited funds eager to contribute their expertise and time to Ei initiatives. Established companies may qualify for Ei Friend status for a maximum two-year period while they determine if Ei Partner status makes good business sense. Ei Friends may participate in Ei Team and other activities upon invitation and receive a listing on the appropriate Ei Industry Experts or Ei Industry Pioneers page.

Ei Partner: ($5,000 annual)

Ei Partners are the foundation of Ei’s success! Partner is the perfect description as the entire Ei Team works in unison benefiting from tremendous synergies and diverse expertise. Active participation is a partner requirement.

With few to no competitors among Ei Partners, the synergies are tremendous along with an openness to share internal operations and programs. An added benefit of Ei Partner participation is the strong business potential among partners. Selling is not permitted within Ei introductions yet relationship development that segues into business transactions is highly encouraged.

Along with a listing on the appropriate Ei Industry Experts or Ei Industry Pioneers page, partners join Ei  Teams. Working directly with industry leaders, Ei Teams create evolved operating practices where the entire value chain benefits, including corporate bottom lines, the community, and the environment. Ei Partners participate in Ei Tours, Meetings & Events and other activities.

Ei Sustainer: ($10,000 plus annual)

The Ei Sustainer status is for organizations who choose to show increased financial support beyond the Ei Partner level. Along with a featured listing on the appropriate Ei Industry Experts or Ei Industry Pioneers page, Ei works closely with Sustainers to ensure their contribution is recognized and appreciated in a manner compatible with the organization.

Ei is a non-profit under the Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 provision. All payments under the Ei Partnership Program qualifies as tax deductible donations.

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