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As a national regenerative forerunner, the media loves Ei! On-line and blog articles are the most popular media format.

Waste Dive Article

November 18, 2015
Waste Dive published an article on an interview with Ei Founder Holly Elmore re: Zero waste: An attainable goal? Holly pointed out the most important factor to zero waste success is a matter of culture. In addition, Holly emphasized zero waste is a team endeavor including complete employee, supply chain and community involvement. The article covers zero waste success from the “big picture” perspective.

Buckhead Reporter

August 12, 2010
Want permit to sell alcohol? Recycle – Restaurants seeking approval for alcoholic beverage licenses from the Safety Committee of Neighborhood Planning Unit B likely will get a lecture on participation in the Zero Waste Zone program to recycle garbage, food scraps and cooking oils in Buckhead.

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