Reference Materials & Tools

Working within the WE Consciousness, Ei documents our work to share with others on similar journeys and relies on published industry documents from other organizations. Note the WE Consciousness is introduced in the ZWA Blog post, Zero Waste is a Team Sport. Ei’s on-line magazines and photo albums document our important work and serve as valuable industry resources.

Magazines & Photo Albums

Committed to Regeneration in Action Ei relies on research documented by non-profits, institutes, and universities when developing action plans and initiatives. Below are documents Ei finds useful.


Container Recycling Institute Understanding economic and environmental impacts of single-stream collection systems (Dec. 2009)


SFCI – Atlanta Airport, Elemental Impact | Institute for Local Self-Reliance Compostable Foodservice Ware Information Packet (July 2012) (107 KB)


The Georgia Dome | Atlanta Local Organizing Committee Final Four Sustainability Report (May 2013) (6723 KB)


American Chemistry Council | Moore Recycling 2014 National Post-Consumer Plastic Bag & Film Recycling Report


Ellen MacArthur Foundation The New Plastic Economy: Rethinking the future of plastics


American Chemistry Council |Wrap Recycling Action Program (W.R.A.P.) A Comparative Case Study: Plastic Film Recycling at Two Simon Malls

Circular Economy

Ellen MacArthur Foundation – A concise video that explains the basics of the Circular Economy. Circular Economy 100.

Food Hardship | Wasted Food | Food Waste

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency A Call to Action by Stakeholders: United States Food Loss & Waste 2030 Reduction Goal (July 2016) Further with Food: Center for Food Loss and Waste Solutions EPA Reducing Wasted Food Packaging Toolkit (Sep. 2014) (1301 KB)

Food Research and Action Center Food Hardship in America 2012 (Feb. 2013) (221 KB)

Food Waste Reduction Alliance: The Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Donation Act: Protecting America’s Food Donations FWRA Good Samaritan Food Donation Act Parameters (651 KB)

Natural Resource Defense Council WASTED: How America is losing up to 40% of its food from farm to fork to landfill, (Aug 2017) Food Facts – Your Scraps Add Up: Reducing food waste can save money and resources (March 2013) Guide To Composting At Sports Venues (July 2014) (2000 KB)

Other Sustainability Topics

A River’s Story: Reclaiming the Altamaha: Educational video on the history and action points for the future of the Altamaha river.


What You Can Do To Protect Honey Bees: Video featuring need to know information on the importance of bees.


Carbon WHAT? Seminar hosted by Ei predecessor the Green Foodservice Alliance in partnership with EPA, Region 4. June 2009 Carbon WHAT Seminar Transcript (255 KB)

Organics Recycling

Ellen MacArthur Foundation Urban Biocycles scoping paper.

EPA Region 9 East Bay Municipal Utility District Investigating the Anaerobic Digestion Process to Recycle Post-Consumer Food Waste (Nov. 2012) (479 KB)

Georgia Department of Community Affairs Composting at Home in Georgia (431 KB)

Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council Workplace Composting Toolkit (Jan. 2012) (8631 KB)

Institute for Local Self-Reliance Pay Dirt: Composting in MD to Reduce Waste, Create Jobs, & Protect the Bay (May 2013) (15120 KB), Building Healthy Soils with Compost to Protect Watersheds (May 2013) (25984 KB), Growing Local Fertility: A Guide to Community Composting (July 2014) (4899 KB), and State of Composting in the US – What, Why, Where, How (July 2014) (17682 KB)

Natural Resource Defense Council Wasted: How America is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food form Farm to Fork to Landfill (Aug. 2012) (721 KB), Food Facts – Your Scraps Add Up: Reducing food waste can save money and resources (March 2013), and Guide To Composting At Sports Venues (July 2014) (2000 KB)

US Composting Council Working Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow: Understanding and Expanding Compost Infrastructure (Sept 2009) (746 KB)

University of Georgia Commercial Foodwaste Composting: Feasability Study for South Metro Atlanta (Sept. 2002) (2684 KB) and The Compost White Paper: Large Scale Composting in GA (Oct. 2003) (294 KB)

The Soil Story – a short film about the power of healthy soil to reverse climate change.

Sustainable Food & Beverage Packaging

Eco-Cycle | Woods End Laboratories Plastic_Coated_Paper_Products_In_Compost_(2011)

SFCI – Atlanta Airport, Elemental Impact | Institute for Local Self-Reliance Compostable Foodservice Ware Information Packet (July 2012) (107 KB)

Foodservice Packaging Institute Foodservice Packaging Recovery Toolkit

Lighten Up: Be Heard, Be Effective

Many environmentalists are serious about communicating their message, so serious their voice often goes unheard. It is time to lighten-up the same message and use wit | humor to broadcast in a manner the audience will hear, embrace and take intended action. Below are video examples of humorous, effective communication:

Adventures of Recycle Kitty – The name says it all, watch and enjoy!


Green5 – Culver City Sustainable Schools has fun promoting sustainability.


Landfill Harmonic Orchestra – Brings a depth of meaning to the phrase “trash to treasure.”


New Green World Order – An interesting and funny approach to encouraging the use of non-disposable cups in the workplace.


Sam Comfort’s Anarchy Apiaries – A catchy tune on the trials and tribulations of a beekeeper dealing with Varroa mites.