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At the foundation of Ei’s tagline Regeneration in ACTION is integrity. Ei Partners are committed to working as a team to develop flexible programs and practices that evolve along with shifts in technology, circumstances and economic parameters. Education is essential to weave integrity within program|practice development.

Tours are excellent vehicles to learn first-hand about industry practices and fellow partner business expertise. Ei hosts industry and partner tours designed for experiential education, strategic planning and bonding among the Ei Team. Tour participation is open to Ei Partners, Strategic Allies and Advisory Council Members.

Ei Farm Tours:

From a Soil Health perspective, farms may be harmful or extraordinarily beneficial to restoring carbon cycle balance. Ei Farm Tours focus on the many success stories where farms restore broken soil systems through regenerative agriculture.

Ei Explorations:

In October 2018 Ei hosted the first exploration, An Ei Exploration of Fungi, Soil Health, and World Hunger, with grand success. Ei Explorations bring industry leaders and experts together to strategize on solutions for challenges facing humanity and life on our planet.

By June 2017, Ei’s prominent role in developing materials management best-operating practices and creating industry awareness was complete: Mission Accomplished!! Thus, the Ei Recycling Refinement Era, inception through June 2017, ended and Ei’s focus shifted to Soil Health and Water Use | Toxicity. The following are Ei Recycling Refinement Era Tours:

Ei Industry Tours:

Prior to embarking on program | practice development, Ei strives to understand current industry practices and baselines. Tours of industry leader operations is an effective, efficient and fun avenue for garnering industry education and support.

Ei Partner Tours:

With few to no competitors among the Ei Partners, the synergies are tremendous along with an openness to share internal operations and programs. An added benefit of Ei Partner participation is the strong business potential among partners. Selling is not permitted within Ei introductions yet relationship development that segues naturally into business transactions is highly encouraged.

Ei SFCI Tours:

The Sustainable Food Court Initiative Team tours pilot facilities to garner first-hand experience of baseline practices in-place. Tours are excellent vehicles to establish strong working relationships with the on-site managers responsible for operations and facility maintenance.

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