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In partnership with Holly Elmore Enterprises, Ei built a digital library comprised of Holly’s Fingertip Press publications supported by Holly Elmore Images photos.

The digital books augment Ei’s profound work within the Soil Health,  Water Use | Toxicity, and Nature Prevails platforms.

Listed RiA Magazine articles feature Ei tours, events and other activities that supported the article content and research.

From Macro to Micro to Nanoplastics

A Fingertip Press publication, the From Macro to Micro to Nanoplastics article book is an excerpt from the October 2019 Regeneration in ACTION Magazine article, Plastics: a double-edged sword.

Photos are courtesy of Holly Elmore Images.

Soft cover, magazine-style books are available for purchase at $11.99 each plus delivery; volume-purchase discounts are given. Purchase the book: https://bit.ly/3bl2Zxs

A portion of the book proceeds is donated to Ei.

Bee Swarms: Nature’s Way to Grow Strong Bee Populations

Honey-bee swarming is integral to colony propagation and overall bee population stabilization and growth.

In the Southern Farm & Garden summer 2018 issue, a two-page photo essay, Bee Swarms: Nature’s Way to Grow Strong Bee Populations, educates on the important role bee swarms play in propagating bee populations, both from the size of and the number of colonies. The photos were taken in Boulder, Colorado when Holly stumbled upon a beekeeper retrieving a bee swarm from one of his hives.

Restoring Pollinator Populations

Over the past decades, pollinator populations declined significantly for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, habitat loss, use of the “cides” (herbicides, insecticides, pesticides), and common garden & landscape practices.

In the Southern Farm & Garden spring 2018 issue, a six-page feature article, Restoring Pollinator Populations, gives an overview of challenges facing pollinator populations along with tips for pollinator-friendly gardens. 


Regenerative Agriculture Revives Soils & Local Ecosystems

As a former Georgia Department of Transportation cement-mixing site for the construction of nearby Interstate-75, Hickory Grove Farm is an iconic case study in soil rebuilding.

In the Southern Farm & Garden fall 2017 issue, a seven-page, multiple-article feature, An Icon in Sustainability and Hickory Grove Farm: Regenerative Agriculture Revives Soils & Local Ecosystems, gives an overview of Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) stellar sustainability commitment at the Michael A. Leven School of Culinary Sustainability & Hospitality, The Commons (KSU’s Gold LEED certified dining hall), and Hickory Grove Farm. Ei Founder Holly Elmore provided the copy and photographs for the publication feature.

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