RWG Environmental Resources

The Regenerative Working Group (RWG) is active within three Focus Areas: Infrastructure, Environmental Resources, and Social Equity.

Focus Area: Environmental Resources

Vision: The RWG Environmental Resource Focus Area seeks to explore the interaction of humans with environmental resources in urban and rural areas through the lens of land use.

Scope: This group explores the impact of existing and proposed projects and infrastructure within urban and rural communities. Topics include open space and natural resources. Open space topic areas include greenways, parks, waterways, coastlines, urban greening spaces, and agricultural and natural lands. Natural resource focus areas include soil health, water resources, air quality, and energy sources and generation.

Challenges & Impact: One of the greatest challenges facing this field is balancing growing population and economic demands with limited natural resources and open space. The Environmental Resource Focus Area seeks to support this goal by focusing on human interaction with and impact on natural resources, (such as water, air, and soil), and open spaces, (in both urban and rural areas).

Topics: relate to areas of exploration that correspond to the scope of one or more focus areas. Many topics will intersect focus area boundaries as well as other topics. The following topics relate to the Environmental Resources Focus Area:

  • Green Infrastructure 
    • Wetlands Restoration
    • Stormwater Management Ponds
  • Erosion Control
  • Soil Health | Soil Restoration 
    • Regenerative Agriculture | Landscape 
    • Urban Carbon Sinks 
    • Urban Agriculture | Healthy Food Access
  • Nutritious Food Production | Current Diet Challenges
  • Water Resources
    • River & Stream Corridor Conservation
    • Wetlands Preservation
    • Watershed Management
    • Energy Resources
  • Clean Air
  • Biodiversity and Habitat Conservation
  • The Commons
    • Parks & Public Accessible Greenspace 
  • Vibrational Impact on Nature


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