GREASE – Accomplished

Grease Recycling & Energy Alternative Solutions for the Environment

GREASE Mission:

To develop & promote best business practices in the grease industry to maximize the cornerstones of sustainability: environmental consciousness, economic vitality, social responsibility, and health.


Launched in 2010, GREASE was formed to address the viability of the Zero Waste Zones (ZWZ) Criteria requiring participants to collect spent grease for the local production of biofuel. Ei Strategic Ally Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) worked closely with Ei on assessing the ZWZ Criteria and highest good destination for spent grease.

For an overview of GREASE 2010 | 2011 activities, visit the ZWA Blog article, GREASE: Activating the Zero Waste Evolution.

When the National Restaurant Association purchased the ZWZ in 2012, any revisions to the spent-grease-program criteria landed in their court. Complete with addressing spent-grease destination, the GREASE task force went into a holding pattern.

In 2013, GREASE returned to action mode with the kitchen-grease focus expanded to the following:

SACE continued to share their expertise and support with GREASE. The Sustainable Food Court Initiative Pilots teamed with GREASE to explore maximum efficiencies and use of grease generated in their foodservice operations.

With spent grease addressed, the GREASE Team focus is on F.O.G and airborne kitchen grease.

Mission Accomplished:

In 2015 the Ei AKG Initiative was announced. Current industry reactive AKG practices (i.e. cleaning the kitchen exhaust system when AKG builds up) result in tremendous volumes of AKG flowing directly into the sewer system. Thus, the Ei AKG Initiative addresses FOG | grease traps in addition to the AKG generated in kitchens. The ZWA Blog article, Ei Airborne Kitchen Grease Initiative, announces the initiative along with an overview and the four-stage plan.

The GREASE task force served a valuable role as the precursor to the Ei AKG Initiative; its role is complete!

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