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An Integrated Approach to Sustainability

In 2011, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) accepted the invitation to serve as the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Airport Pilot. With impeccable timing, ATL was in the midst of the Request for Proposals for the entire airport-foodservice operations.

Working closely with the Department of Aviation, the SFCI Team provided the necessary support for the groundbreaking compostable packaging provision in the ten-year airport concessionaire contracts. The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Airport Makes a Bold Sustainable Statement, announces the contract provision.

During the ATL concessionaire contract 18-month implementation process, concessionaires were in a grace period for complying with the contract provision. With the contract roll-out period complete, Liza Milagro, ATL senior sustainability manager, was responsible for activating the ATL compostable packaging contract provision. On October 22, 2014, ATL hosted the greening ATL SFCI Vendor Fair to facilitate the compostable packaging program roll-out assistance. Well attended by concessionaires, the fair vendors educated the operators on the ample packaging options available to meet the contract provision.

During her presentation at the vendor fair, Liza announced the contract provision grace period ends with a tiered approach:

  • January 15, 2015, for non-branded food and beverage packaging
  • August 2015, for branded food and beverage packaging to allow for printing conversion

The SFCI Team was well represented at the vendor fair by Ken Fraser with Eco-Products and Rick Lombardo with Natur-Bag, who also serve on SMAT – the Sustainable Materials ACTION Team. The SFCI program directory opening page highlighted the SCFI and Ei was featured on the inside back cover.

The ZWA Blog article, Atlanta Airport Leadership Role in Compostable Food & Beverage Packaging, gives SFCI – ATL history along with details on the vendor fair. Liza’s PPT presentation is available below for download:
10-22-14 SFCI Vendor Fair Liza Milangro PPT (531 KB)

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