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An Integrated Approach to Sustainability

The Sustainable Food Court Initiative  (SFCI) Team tours pilot facilities to garner first-hand experience of baseline practices in-place. Tours are an excellent vehicle to establish strong working relationships with the on-site managers responsible for operations and facility maintenance.

Georgia Dome / Falcons Game

September 15, 2013
Atlanta, GA

Ei Founder Holly Elmore joined the new Falcons Stadium architects on a game-day recycling practices tour hosted by Tim Trefzer, GA World Congress Center Authority Sustainability Director. With solid zero-waste practices in-place, the tour served as the foundation for assessing how the GA Dome may take its recycling program the next level with on-site source separation. The ZWA Blog post, Winning Recycling Seasons: Team Work Required!, is a tour overview; the Ei FB album, 09-15-13 Falcons Recycling Tour, is a tour pictorial recap.

Atlanta International Airport – Int’l Concourse

Atlanta Airport, International Concourse
Atlanta, GA

The SFCI Team was treated to a tour of the near-complete Atlanta Airport International Concourse. In addition to gorgeous aesthetic design, the International Concourse layout includes ample back-of-the-house space, including the loading-dock area, to integrate recycling and organics collection into standard-operating practices. The ZWA Blog post, SFCI Team Tours New ATL Airport Int’l Concourse gives a great overview of the tour, and the Ei FB album, 04-12-12 SFCI Team Tour of ATL Airport tells the story in pictures.

SFCI Concord Mills Pilot

August 21 & 22, 2012
Charlotte, NC

In August 2012 Concord Mills officially accepted invite the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Shopping Mall Pilot invite. Immediately, the Ei Team made a short, exciting visit to Charlotte to jump start several test projects within the pilot. The ZWA Blog article, ACTION: Theme for the SFCI Shopping Mall Pilotprovides a trip overview. For a pictorial recap of the Ei Charlotte visit, see the Ei FB album, 08-12 Charlotte SFCI Trip.

Georgia Dome

May 16, 2012
Atlanta, GA

In April 2012 the Georgia Dome accepted the SFCI Event Venue Pilot invite; the first order of business was a facility tour. As a founding Zero Waste Zones Participant, the Dome has impressive zero-waste practices in place. The SFCI team witnessed the “reduce first, reuse second, and then recycle” philosophy within the Dome practices during a detailed tour of current operations.The ZWA Blog post, Georgia Dome SFCI Team Tour, is an overview of the tour; the Ei FB album, 05-16-12 GA Dome SFCI Pilot Tour is a pictorial recap.

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