Ei Conscious Cleaning Initiative


Removing toxic-chemicals from standard-cleaning practices


To eliminate the use of toxic and harmful chemicals in commercial cleaning systems and minimize the byproducts generated.

Though they are an improvement over toxic-cleaning solutions, many green-cleaning products are synthetic in nature and may pose harm to individuals and the environment. Conscious cleaning solutions cause no harm whether ingested via breath or swallowing or flushed into sewer systems. Vinegar and baking soda are two common household products that are excellent conscious cleaning solutions.

The RiA Magazine article, The Evolution of Standard Cleaning Practices, gives an overview of cleaning practices and introduces conscious cleaning.

In addition to cleaning solutions, the Ei CCI addresses cleaning protocol, supplies used, and the carbon | water footprints inherent within janitorial programs.

The Ei Conscious Cleaning Initiative works with Industry Pioneers who established strong green-cleaning practices years ago and are enthusiastic to evolve into conscious-cleaning practices.

CCI Pilots:

The CCI Pilots represent facilities within various industry segments. CCI Pilots agree to the following parameters:

  • Pioneer – pilots serve as industry pioneers and assess CCI practices from operational implementation and bottom-line impact.
  • Industry Leader – once best practices are established, the pilot managers share with their industry colleagues.
  • Strategist – pilot managers work closely with the CCI Team to strategize on expanding the initiative impact and/or developing new focus areas.

Meetings are in process with potential CCI Pilot executives to determine the initiative parameters and protocol. The former Sustainable Food Court Initiative (SFCI) Pilots and Founding Zero Waste Zones participants are the initial target audience for CCI Pilots.

CCI Team:

The CCI Team consists of a trusted team with long-term Ei relationships:

  • Holly Elmore – Ei Founder
  • Tim Trefzer – Ei Leadership & Georgia World Congress Center Authority Director of Sustainability
  • Shelby Buso – City of Atlanta Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Louis Herrera – Ei Supporter & Meristem Packaging Founder & CEO

CCI Pilot Focus Areas:

Within the launch phase, the Ei CCI addresses two primary focus areas:

  • Conscious Cleaning Solutions
  • Right-Sized Bag Program

CCI Action & Current Status:

On March 6, 2018 the Ga Tech Building Services team hosted the Ei CCI Demo & Tour. Facility and housekeeping managers from Atlanta’s venues and businesses committed to pioneering the movement from sustainable to regenerative best operating practices attended the impressive demo and tour.

Throughout the summer of 2018, the Ei CCI Team hosted ECA demos for industry pioneers, including the GWCCA, Affairs to Remember, Ted’s Montana Grill, LowCountry Catering, and CB Richard Ellis. The Ei FB album, Ei Conscious Cleaning Initiative, gives a pictorial recount of the Ga Tech as well as other Ei CCI demos.

By fall 2018, shifts in the ECA manufacturer ownership resulted in the loss of Ei CCI support. Thus, the Ei CCI remains in a holding pattern until another ECA manufacturer steps forward to support the initiative.

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