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As a national regenerative forerunner, the media loves Ei! The press discovered Ei Founder Holly Elmore is an insightful resource for their article research and often intertwines Holly into the article story line. In addition, Holly’s articles are published in trade association and beyond magazines.

Atlanta Journal & Constitution

The Atlanta Journal & Constitution article, Hartsfield-Jackson’s green dreams meet reality, Recycling, composting facility on 4th attempt to find business partner, includes a quote by Ei Founder Holly Elmore: “It’s no easy feat to get the logistics together to do all of the collection, the sorting, and getting everything so you can get a contaminant-free stream for composting and recycling.” Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Airport Pilot.

Inside Supply Management

The October 2016 Inside Supply Management front cover article, Full Circle: Supply management can play a key role in the circular economy, working with suppliers to eliminate waste and drive financial value, features quotes by Ei Founder Holly Elmore on the importance of WE Consciousness (teamwork!), corporate culture and ROI in circular economy-focused business practices. Holly’s quote, “Sustainability is a long-term commitment that requires, at times, short-term investments or temporary financial shortcomings. But in the long run, if it is done with integrity and committed planning with the right resources plugged in, the ROI will be there.” ends the article.

The ZWA Blog article, Zero waste moves from “best” to standard operating practices, gives an overview of the excellent article along with the commentary on the zero waste industry evolution.

Pallet Central

October 2016
The Sept | Oct Pallet Central issue features Zero Waste Makes Good Business & Environmental Sense on the front cover! Pallet Central is published by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) and distributed to approximately 6500 members and industry colleagues. Ei Founder Holly Elmore wrote the article on behalf of the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council; Ei is the Official USZWBC Media Partner.

The article is an introduction to embarking on the zero waste journey along with first steps supported by economic, community and environmental benefits. The ZWA Blog article, Zero waste moves from “best” to standard operating practices, gives an overview of the important article along with the commentary on the zero waste industry evolution.

AAAE’s Airport Magazine

In the American Association of Airport Executives’ February | March publication of Airport Magazine, the Atlanta Airport (ATL) presents a proactive approach to Airborne Kitchen Grease (AKG). The AIRBORNE KITCHEN GREASE: A New Frontier in Sustainability, A simple solution saves tremendous water use, labor and dollars article is featured in the Airport Magazine Asset Management department.

The article is co-written by ATL Director of Sustainability and Asset Management Michael Cheyne and Ei Founder Holly Elmore with Liza Milagro, ATL senior sustainability planner, and Jordan Salpietra of Ellis Fibre substantiating the ATL-specific estimates. The ZWA Blog article, Atlanta Airport Presents a Proactive Approach to Airborne Kitchen Grease, provides the article details, context and link.

Inside Supply Management

The Journey to a Zero Waste Supply Chain written by Ei founder Holly Elmore was the featured Sustainability Column article in the Inside Supply Management (ISM) March issue. ISM is published by the Institute for Supply Management, a national trade association. A milestone, the article is Holly’s first published material in a national magazine. The ZWA Blog article, Supply Chain Critical to Zero Waste Success, gives an article overview along with specific examples.

The article is available for download: 03-13 Inside Supply Management Zero Waste article (263 KB)

Whole Living, a Martha Stewart Publication

Spoil Alert – Atlanta’s wasted food crusaders receive a national spotlight in a November Whole Living feature article, by renown nature | science writer Elizabeth Royte. In addition, editor-in-chief Alanna Stang dedicates an entire paragraph to Spoil Alert in her Editor’s Letter. Ei Founder Holly Elmore is featured throughout the article as the host to Elizabeth’s two-day Atlanta interview marathon. The ZWA Blog post, Atlanta Wasted Food Heroes in National Spotlight, is an overview of the article with commentary.

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