EPA Food Recovery Challenge

In 2011 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the Food Recovery Challenge (FRC) as a response to the incredible volume of food waste and wasted food destined for landfills. For EPA Region 4, the FRC launched within the hospitality sector in early 2014. The ZWA Blog article, EPA Food Recovery Challenge: Region IV launches FRC in hospitality sector, gives program details and an introduction to the food waste dilemma.

With Atlanta’s rich history in food-waste reduction, donation and recycling via the Zero Waste Zones 2009 launch and the numerous food-donation programs, the EPA Region IV FRC launch within the hospitality sector is synergistic with well-established systems. Modeled after the EPA’s Food Recovery Hierarchy, the FRC is a voluntary program. Participants pledge to provide a food-waste baseline along with annual goals to prevent food waste, donate wasted food and | or recycle food scraps in a state-permitted non-landfill destination.

With strong connections to foodservice industry leaders, Ei joined the FRC as an Endorser, committing to recruit Program Participants as well as additional Endorsers.

In February, 2014 Ei Founder Holly Elmore and EPA Environmental Scientist Kim Charick embarked on a meeting | call marathon recruiting FRC Program Participants and Endorsers. It was empowering to reconnect with the early zero-waste pioneers. Eager to join, the pioneers receive recognition for their impressive food-waste practices and serve as role models for those new to donation and food-waste-collection programs. The ZWA Blog article, Ei Joins EPA Food Recovery Challenge, recaps the recruiting process while the Ei FB album, EPA Food Recovery Challenge, is a pictorial recount of the meetings.

Kudos to the following FRC Participants who said YES to joining the important program and taking a powerful stand on reducing food waste | donating waste food | recycling food scraps:

In addition, the following organizations pledged their FRC support as Endorsers:

… and the recruiting continues!

The following ZWA Blog articles are a sampling of Ei’s strong support of food-waste reduction, donation and recycling programs:

A ZWA Blog search on food waste lists a plethora of additional articles of Ei’s commitment to food waste reduction, donation and recycling.

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