Ei Partner Tours – RR Era

With few to no competitors among the Ei Partners, the synergies are tremendous along with an openness to share internal operations and programs. An added benefit of Ei Partner participation is the strong business potential among partners. Selling is not permitted within Ei introductions yet relationship development that segues naturally into business transactions is highly encouraged. 

Below are the Ei Partner Tours during the Ei Recycling Refinement Era:

Atlanta Ei Partner Tours

June 8 &9, 2014
Atlanta, GA

In early June Ei Partners traveled from across North America to participate in the Atlanta Ei Partner Tours, hosted by Pratt Industries, Novelis, the Georgia World Congress Center ,and the Atlanta Airport. Beyond the education inherent within the tours and presentations, Ei Partners used the time together to strategize on action points within the many Ei initiatives.

The IMPACT blog article, Atlanta Ei Partner Tours, is an overview of the two-powerful days. For a pictorial recap visit the Ei FB Album, Atlanta Ei Partner Tours.

Below are downloads for the tours agenda, participant list, and PPT presentations.

2014 Atlanta Ei Partner Tours Agenda (116 KB)
2014 Atlanta Ei Partner Tours Participant List (36 KB)
2014 Atlanta Ei Partner Tours – Novelis PPT (1813 KB)
2014 Ei Atlanta Partner Tours – GWCC PPT (2437 KB)

Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours

August 6 & 7, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

In early August Ei Partner BASF treated fellow partners to two action-packed days of education, fun, and camaraderie. Chris Bradlee with BASF was the ultimate host who orchestrated the tour series, booked wonderful dining experiences, and ensured the group traveled in comfort . The tours were an incredible educational experience along with important, casual time with fellow partners.

The IMPACT Blog post, Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours, is a tour overview. For a pictorial recap by three roving photographers – Holly Elmore, Scott Lutocka & Scott Seydel _ visit the Ei FB Albums, Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Day One and Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Day 2.

Below are downloads for the tours agenda, participant list, and PPT presentations.

Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Agenda (125 KB)
Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Participant List (116 KB)
Ei Overview & Updates (2542 KB)
BASF Introduction (5715 KB)
ReCommunity Ann Arbor MRF Overview (1411 KB)

Charlotte Ei Partner Tours

March 4 & 5, 2013
Charlotte, NC

HMSHost and Simon Property Group hosted the third Ei Partner Tours, highlighting the successes of the Sustainable Food Court Initiative Shopping Mall Pilot Concord Mills, a Simon Mall with the food court operated by HMSHost. In addition to Ei Partner presentations and Concord Mills tours, the Ei Partners visited Earth Farms (destination for Concord Mill’s food waste), SouthPark (another Simon Mall in Charlotte), and the Charlotte-Douglas Airport where HMSHost operates foodservice outlets.

The IMPACT Blog post, Charlotte Ei Partner Tours, gives a tours overview while the ZWA Blog post, Bring the Possible Out of Impossible, dives into zero-waste successes. For pictorial recaps of the powerful two days visit the Ei FB albums: 03-04-13 Charlotte Ei Partner Tours – Day One & 03-05-13 Charlotte Ei Partner Tours – Day Two.

Below are downloads for the tours itinerary, participant list and Ei Partner PPT presentations:

Charlotte Ei Ptr Tour Itinerary (42 KB)
Charlotte Ei Ptr Tour Participants List (42 KB)
Ei Overview and Intro Ei Ptr Tours PPT (551 KB)
CleanRiver Ei Ptr Tours PPT (3167 KB)
Concord Mills Update Ei Ptr Tours PPT (1128 KB)
Grease Lock Ei Ptr Tours PPT (2818 KB)
HMSHost Ei Ptr Tours PPT (2018 KB)
Tomra Orwak Ei Ptr Tours PPT (1217 KB)

NYC Ei Partner Tours

New York, NY

The second Ei Partner tours were scheduled in NYC for early November to tag-team with Global Green’s CoRR Food Waste Conference on November 7. With Hurricane Sandy ravaging the Eastern Seaboard days prior to the tours, the group reduced to those residing in the NYC area or participating at the CoRR conference.

Global Enviro hosted their fellow partners for a visit of their on-site digester installed in Les Halles restaurant located in Manhattan. The ZWZ Blog post, Food Waste: Too Valuable for the Landfill, includes a tour overview while the Ei FB album, 11-05-12 Global Enviro System Tour, is the pictorial recap.

The following day EcoLogic Solutions opened their offices and warehouse for a morning of education and sharing. The IMPACT Blog post, Ei NYC Tours, is an overall tour post with details on the ELS tour. For the ELS pictorial recap of the fun, repurposed office environment and impressive cleaning systems, visit the Ei FB album, 11-06-12 EcoLogic Solutions Tour.

Indy Ei Partner Tours

November 5 & 6, 2012
Indianapolis, IN

Heritage Interactive Services hosted fellow partners for the inaugural Ei Partner Tours in Indianapolis. Tours included the 99.9% zero-waste Subaru plant, Heritage’s impressive research & development laboratory, and Hilex Poly’s plastic-film recycling plant. The IMPACT Blog post, Ei Partner Tours Launch in Indy, recaps the amazing two days of education, strategizing, and fun. For a pictorial recap, visit the Ei FB album July, 2012 Ei Partner Tours in Indy.

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