August 6 & 7, 2013
Ann Arbor, MI

In early August Ei Partner BASF treated fellow partners to two action-packed days of education, fun, and camaraderie. Chris Bradlee with BASF was the ultimate host who orchestrated the tour series, booked wonderful dining experiences, and ensured the group traveled in comfort . The tours were an incredible educational experience along with important, casual time with fellow partners.

The IMPACT Blog post, Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours, is a tour overview. For a pictorial recap by three roving photographers – Holly Elmore, Scott Lutocka & Scott Seydel _ visit the Ei FB Albums, Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Day One and Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Day 2.

Below are downloads for the tours agenda, participant list, and PPT presentations.

Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Agenda (125 KB)
Ann Arbor Ei Partner Tours Participant List (116 KB)
Ei Overview & Updates (2542 KB)
BASF Introduction (5715 KB)
ReCommunity Ann Arbor MRF Overview (1411 KB)