May 6, 2015
National Zero Waste Business Conference
Los Angeles, CA

Based on the Ei Source-Separated Materials Template Pilot premises, Ei hosted a panel on the important role source-separating materials plays for retaining material value and creating recycling-profit centers. Ei Partner Rick Lombardo of NaturTec focused on how food waste contaminates other materials; Ei Pioneer Tim Trefzer with the Georgia World Congress Center shared practical examples from the nation’s fourth largest convention center; Nadereh Afsharmanesh with Earth Friendly Products (EFP) 2014 NZWBC – Nature-Tec (9870 KB)educated on EFP’s profitable zero-waste success at their manufacturing plants.

The ZWA Blog article, Zero Waste Makes Good Business Sense, features NZWBC conference-breakout sessions along with Ei’s strong conference participation.

Panel PPT presentations are available for download below: