Atlanta, GA

At the invitation of Ei Founder Holly Elmore, Mercedes-Benz Stadium (MBS) General Manager Scott Jenkins gave an empowering Sustainability: an economic driver presentation at the February 15, 2017 LAI Atlanta Chapter luncheon meeting.

As Scott is a close Ei friend, a strong Ei entourage attended the LAI meeting to show their support: LAI member Wayne King (U.S. Composting Council
| ERTHProducts), Boyd Leake (City of Atlanta, Office of Sustainability), Jim Harrell (Renaissance Technology) and Tim Trefzer (Georgia World Congress

The IMPACT Blog article, Sustainability: an economic driver,
gives an overview of Scott’s empowering presentation. Scott’s PPT presentation is available on the LAI page for download. Photos from the empowering meeting are included in the Ei FB album, Ei Connects