October 25, 2019
Georgia Tech Alumni Hall
Atlanta, GA

On October 31, 2019 Zero-Waste Icon Cindy Jackson retired from the Georgia Institute of Technology (Ga Tech) as the Director of Waste & Recycling. Under Cindy’s 22-year leadership, Ga Tech never succumbed to single-stream systems and the award-wining recycling program operated as a profit center.

In industry circles, Cindy is known as “The AMAZING Cindy Jackson.” Ei Founder Holly Elmore coined the term at Cindy’s first Ei Partner Meeting. Accurate, the name became a common way to address Cindy with her industry colleagues.

At Cindy’s request, Holly formally presented at the celebration. Holly’s presentation showcased why Cindy is indeed “The AMAZING Cindy Jackson!

The RiA Magazine article, The Legacy of the AMAZING Cindy Jackson, published with an overview of Cindy’s literally amazing professional accomplishments and ends with the Oct 25 retirement celebration. The Ei FB album, Cindy Jackson Retires, gives a pictorial recap of GA Tech | Ei interactions as well as images from the retirement celebration.

Holly’s PPT presentation is available for download: 10-25-19 Cindy Jackson Retirement PPT