Dr. Charles Reith leads Reith Energy’s projects and supports those of its allies and clients. He has 25 years of experience working in energy, mining, agriculture, environmental remediation, waste management, and academia. His responsibilities have included executive management, project execution, technical analysis, solution development, and sustainability auditing. He has also provided management and professional training through short-courses, webinars, and broadcasts. His clients include multinational firms such as ExxonMobil, Shell, and Newgold; national resource companies such as Petroleo Mexicano, Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction, and Petroleos de Venezuela SA; resource ministries in Trinidad, Egypt, Peru, and Ghana; and dozens of small businesses, municipalities, and NGOs.

Charles spent his early career with Jacobs Engineering Group, where he performed technical work, managed increasingly large environmental projects, mostly for the US government, and developed new business. He served as Vice President of Environmental Safety and Health for DynMcDermott Petroleum Operations Company, which manages the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Throughout his consulting career, Dr. Reith served academia as professor, administrator, and staff member at four Universities: American University of Nigeria, Tulane University, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and George Mason University. He is a Certified Permaculture Designer, a Licensed Horticulturalist, and a Licensed Landscape Contractor; these credentials supported his founding and leadership of Naturally Green, a company that designed, installed, and maintained environmentally responsible landscapes in Southern Louisiana.

In his capacity as founder of Naturally Green, Professor at Tulane University, and acting Executive Director of the Alliance for Affordable Energy, Charles was very active in planning the disaster recovery of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

Charles has a PhD in Ecology from the University of New Mexico. He has published three books and dozens of technical and popular publications, and has hosted Backyard Wonders, a regional nature TV series. In 1990, Dr Reith received the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Award from President George H.W. Bush for volunteer work on environmental justice in the South Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico.