May 3, 2022
Save our Seabirds

In May 2022, Ei Founder & CEO Holly Elmore introduced colleagues and friends Save Our Seabirds (SOS) CEO Aaron Virgin and Lifelines Founder Pam Callender.

Pam & Aaron

Funded by a Longboat Key Garden Club grant, Aaron contracted with Pam to design the transformation of an unsightly drainage ditch into a stormwater-demonstration garden. Native plants were selected for coastal properties and bird habitat. On February 28, 2023, Pam oversaw the installation of 360 plants (54 species) by volunteers and Aaron himself!

The RiA Magazine article, Ei Connections: Save our Seabirds | Lifelines, showcases the Ei Connection as well as the Lifelines drainage-ditch transformation; the Holly Elmore Images album, Save our Seabirds / Lifelines, provides a pictorial recap.