Tim is a planetary ethicist and Professor of Environmental Studies at Ringling College of Art and Design where he teaches courses on sustainability, creating ecological cities, applied environmental design, food, water, biodiversity, and environmental ethics.

Prior to Ringling, Tim was the Curator/Director of the Nature Lab at Rhode Island School of Design. Between the two institutions he has spent over 40 years living and working at the intersection of Science and Art.

Recent work focuses on Biophilic and Regenerative Design (the incorporation of nature’s services in urban design and infrastructure), the economic value of nature as well as climate change and sea level rise. Early research areas included Salt Marshes, Marine Mammals, Bats, Pelagic Birds, ecological surveys, and environmental design. He is a frequent lecturer at other colleges and community organizations.

Along with David Houle, Tim co-authored the book This Spaceship Earth and co-founded the non-profit organization This Spaceship Earth, Inc. where he serves as the Chief Science Officer.

In June, Tim, David, and Bob Leonard will release their new e-book, Now that You Know, about the interplay of the environment, the economy, and humanity with Climate Change and options for the future.

Tim currently serves as Co-Chair for the Environment in District 6960 of Rotary International.