GRLEI Infrastructure Focus Area

The Global Regenerative Land Economics Initiative is committed to action through three Focus Areas: Infrastructure, Environmental Resources, and Social Equity.

Focus Area: Infrastructure

Vision: seeks to explore the development, improvement, and preservation of facilities that support an environmentally and financially sustainable built environment.

Scope: This group explores the facilities that comprise the built environment occupied by people environmentally and financially sustainable. The infrastructure of these complete communities include municipal water and sewer systems, water treatment plants, public utilities (such as gas and electricity), as well as government, corporate or industrial parks, and educational districts and campuses.

Challenges & Impact: The LAI purpose includes taking actions to support ideas that contribute to the enrichment of our urban and rural environment and benefit the quality of human life. One of the greatest challenges facing this field is addressing environmentally and economically sustainable and resilient land-use practices. The Infrastructure Focus Area seeks to support this goal by focusing on the facilities that support the built environment. These facilities include the utilities and common areas required for land uses such as residential, retail, commercial, and industrial.

Utilities include wet and dry utilities, (such as water, sewer, and energy needs). In particular, this group seeks to understand the challenges and barriers to creating and maintaining such resources in environmentally and financially sustainable ways. As a necessary public benefit, challenges and barriers will be viewed through the lens of both institutions and public agencies responsible for this infrastructure, as well as the customers and stakeholders who depend on these services.

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